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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

As many questions as there are colors in this world.
    In the past month our country, especially our first responders, have experienced so much tragedy. The CT elementary school shooting, the firefighters being shot and killed in several states, and hitting even closer to home, a  two year old child does not wake up days before Christmas, one whom shares my son's name. Then, an older man befriended by my husband, lost his wife, out of no where, and today ponders all the little things he would do different. It seems every where you go, you can hear the questions of heart ache, "Why?" Or, "How could God let this happen?" Or even, "Who else could stopped this?!" The worst yet, "Why didn't He?" They are the toughest questions a person thinks about. I just do not think God works that way, all the time. I think though, He has a plan to free us. He has a plan. A plan... "Well what kind of plan is this? How could it be His plan..."

  Our paths are not always easy to see.
         Photos courtesy of Spinning Webs Photography.
   Tough Questions of Life
  Well first I will address that last question. I think that is the toughest of all to wrap our brains round. My answer is God didn't do that. It is NOT his plan. We did it. Well, they did. All of our decisions, what we allow into our lives. For God, death was not even in the plan for us. It is the very things we compromised on. Who we listen to. The things we let poison our bodies, possibly even the chemicals in our foods. Of course, when I say we, I mean we as a general society and the effects that our leaders make have on us all. Then, there is the other side of the problem. That there is evil out there. In my heart I know that God is doing all he can to stop it.  That we are fighting it daily. Tooth and nail, some of us. People have free will and not God, nor us, will stop a person from choosing evil. Both of us ache, cry, and are hurt beyond hurt by this. In my opinion, God hurts even more, since He is the one who created us. Molded us. Thought about each hair on our head. Our eyes, our toes, our hearts. He has hopes and dreams for us too.

A Warrior's Battle 
   As fire fighter wives, we can be bombarded with worry and fear. We can find the why's coming out of our mouths everyday if we let it. We must guard our hearts by what we let in. What we watch, read, and put our energy into, can make all the difference. Here is a post I wrote called, "Fear Is The Mind Killer" to help with being frozen or living in fear.

  At times, you have to keep your distance, or not attach your heart so much into the sad stories. I know it may sound awful and unfeeling, but we are still in the living. We must go on. Just like the dwarfs in The Hobbit, you can not just live in the wastelands, sleeping in caves, with no light, on the hard cold floor, waiting for the floor to give out right from under you. You must fight for the peace. To be a home, welcoming, whole and warm. Then there are times when you must carry each other through, like Sam Wise carrying Frodo out of the burning mountain. He couldn't carry the burden for him, but he could sure carry Frodo.

Choosing to Look For Good
You see, there are no real answers. Life happens. Bad things happen. Yet more often, good things happen too. People are reliable, trustworthy, loyal.  Call me naive.  Call me a silly girl. Call it Hope. I don't care. I expect it to be that way and I look for ways it is that way.

After all, it is what we do with the pieces we are left behind with, no matter how crumbled they are in our hands. It may take us a while, to mourn, to get through the storm. It is Who and What you lean on, what your foundation is built on, that will determine if your building will fall and tumble.  What makes me sick is those who choose this time of heart ache to spread fear and doubt with these Why's. It is human nature to question, to doubt, to figure things out.  so we naturally seek out answers to our hard questions during times like these. It is also when we are most vulnerable. Those who are hurt, or lost, can be easily swayed into unbelief, out of extreme anger, hurt, or dissappoinment. though who are you to take that from someone. To instill doubt and fear. Using the fact that bad things happen to innocent people that God does not exist is so very sad to me. If anything it should give you proof that EVIL does exist. and that now, more than ever we need God to move in our lives, not shun Him away, deny him, and speak badly of Him.

   Let me ask you a question. I hold on to a message of hope. I pass on to my children a message of Hope and Light. What do you pass on? What do you cling to? If someone picks up what I am laying down, and I am right, their eternity and family's will be for the better. Amazingly better. If I am wrong, none of us will even know it. Yet, if I am right, and instead people pick up doubt, fear, and the unbelief some of us are laying down, it only steals, and takes away from people. In a major, major way. What right do you have to convince someone, of such a thing? What if you are wrong. None if us can say or prove what we know is true either way. So how can you be so arrogant to think you know something that is hidden from our knowledge. That we are not supposed to know for sure. That is why it is called faith.

 Anyway! My point was we do not have to live in worry or fear. We are not suppose to. It isn't meant to be for us to carry. He can worry for us. Worrying is pointless. It gets you no where. We are supposed to have faith, do what we know is right, and love one another. That is all.

  All I am asking is that you keep it to yourself. Do not spread worry and fear. If you choose to believe differently, that is fine. Just if it would take away from someone if you are wrong, than keep your mouth shut. If you are sharing your views in a positive light, with all the facts, and an open heart, I think you will find... I am right!!! HA HA! Just kidding. Only serious. ;)

  Thanks for not judging me you Hotties! Tomorrow I will share a very touching story you are not going to want to miss. Make sure you sign up for the email notifications on the side of our page, if you haven't yet! More looking at life, and what someone wishes they could have done differently with their's in the next post!

The sun will shine in the morning.

Take Some Time
  No one is promised a tomorrow. What did you put extra love into today?

 I read a bedtime story extra slow, then scratched my kids' backs to help them fall asleep. They used to love it when they were tiny. Well guess, what? They still do. Hugs, laughter, and love to all.



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  2. Hi Lyn,
    I so agree. Evil is real. But the greatest force in the world is love. And you are part of the love!

    1. Carrie, Thank you so much for saying so. I love the love!!! XOXOXO

  3. Very true Lyn, and very close to my heart. This morning we attended the church whose pastor spoke at the child's funeral on Christmas Eve. He did such an amazing job speaking at such a sorrowful occasion. That day, he said a lot of the same things you say here, in fact.

    Today, he spoke about how, "God always wins!" Even when it doesn't look like we, as Christian individuals, are winning in our own lives. From where we are, we simply can't always see how He wins.

    For example, neither parent of that child is religious at all. Neither one attends church or knows Jesus. But this sweet boy now, and forevermore, knows God intimately. God's plan for his life was surely not illness and death at such a young age, but God was able to save him from the pain and agony at the end. In this saving, God brought one more child (one who likely would not have turned to God in his adulthood)into His Kingdom, His Heaven. A life lost, but in this case, a soul saved. Now, not to say God killed him to save his soul. Quite the contrary: God wanted him to grow up, learn about Him and choose to love Him, but that's not the way things worked out. In the end though, God still won this little boy's soul.

    And also, I saw on FB that his mother "liked" the church's FB page. Maybe another soul will find her way to Him, despite her personal tragedy.

    1. That is the very things I try to think about when tragedy happens. I couldn't help but think, and feel bad for thinking it, i know it doesn't take away any pain from the parents, but after the shootings, I am glad he went in a more peaceful way. That at least they didn't lose him to something like that, or from a cancer that slowly kills. I always ponder, also how God can even judge us on what we have to decide on Earth. It is so hrd for me to wrap my brain around someone who life has just beaten up, and spit out, has had churches hurt him for example, who I know is not God, but that may be the only real chance he gets to decide, then something happens before they get to decide another way, and poof, sorry chum, it is too late. You has your chance to chose and now you have to suffer for all eternity. I believe He reached out to us all. Over and over again, but it breaks my heart to think of it. I know this is way way off subject. But where else can we talk bout this stuff? ya know? If you have an opinion on this I would love to hear it. I secretly. or not so anymore, pray for everyone to get another chance, after they die to be free to choose, without all the things blocking our ears, to be able to hear the truth, and all the stuff man messes up, is no longer clogging the way. Does that make sense. I don't even like to say I do that for concern of offending the Big Guy, but I always say sorry, and I just hope He understands... Anyway, i should go to sleep! Night C!

    2. Lyn, I secretly ponder and pray for the same thing. It might not be the way things work, but I don't think God will hold it against me for wanting it that way. I have family I dearly love who does not admit to believing in or loving God here on Earth. I pray for them, as well as others. So if you need a prayer partner in this one, don't feel alone. I'm right there with you.

  4. That is exactly how I feel. We are soul sisters! ! We can be prayer warriors together. <3 I think, he see's my heart. Moses got to help in a similar way on the mountain....