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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

911 Emergency! There Is Poop In The Bath Tub!

   Ahhh, yes. The life of a fire wife is sometimes a little silly. Especially, when your hubby is gone. As I am running a bath for my 10 month old, my oldest son comes running through the door, "I gotta poooop!!" As he flies by me, my 5 year old son, who is enamored with the thoughts of farting, burping, and any other bodily function, who laughs just like Seth McFarland, "Uh huhuhhuh." follows him in joining in all the pooping excitement.

  We all got the giggles, until suddenly my 5 year old screams like bloody murder, "EEeee Ahh! Mom!! There's POOP in the bathtub!!" SO of course, we all scream like girls! Ew!!! Not really knowing what to do, I put the baby on the floor, then snatched a piece of toilet paper and just grabbed that floating evil turd! Needless to say, I almost missed throwing it in the toilet, which resulted in all of nearly throwing up! To fix that, my brilliant mind thinks, unplug the drain, so you can just grab it easier. You see, the only problem, is my drain does not have a cover over it. It is just a hole in the bath tub, because the lever broke.  (Another thing with the hubs being gone all the time is little things like that just get placed on the back burner. ) There is nothing blocking anything form going down!  Normally not a problem, except the hole was just big enough for this little log to get sucked down the drain and just sit there! I scream, Oh SH@t! (oopsy!) (No pun intended, wah wah!)  My swearing sends my kids into utter panic mode and I start cracking up at the hysteria of it all. That is when my 5 year old lost it.

  Totally freaking out, C yells, "Mom, call 911!!" Snorting with laughter, but trying to hold it back I asked why. He replied, "We gotta get my Dad! Itsh an Emergenshy! There's poop stuck in the baftub!"

  Second brilliant idea, since I know my kid isn't going to stop the emergency talk, I'd let him call my hub's phone and leave a voice mail. Since he never picks it up while he is at the station teaching, I thought we'd be safe. That's what I get for thinking. My husband hears my little one stuttering, Dad, there's, there's am emergeshy. mumble mumble, something about a bath, and mom. Freaking out, I hear his father say, "Where is your Mother?!" C then says clearly as a bell, "There's is POOP stuck in the baf TUB!!"

  Thankfully, my husband went from panic mode to hysterics too, faster than he could react to it! Even funnier is that he answered his phone in front of his class, thinking it was an emergency, and everyone got to hear our drama for the night... Yup. When they say welcome to the Fire Family, you don't realize how deep you are gonna get in!

  Have your kids ever wanted to call 911 for Daddy?


  1. Lola, my 3 yr old LITERALLY did this today: Code Brown, yo. I posted a picture of the bleach cleaners to my FB page today. AND to show just HOW OFTEN I have to bleach the tub, the tub mat is LITERALLY falling apart from bleached so often!
    The little nubbins fell off INTO THE FILTHY bleach water and I had to get them out w/my bare hands or they would clog the pipe. GLAMOROUS LIFE!
    p.s. I'll be stalkin your blog now :)

  2. I adore you! Newest Stalker here! Hah! Thanks for stopping by my hop! -Ginger

  3. UM HILARIOUS!! I don't think my boyz have put 911 and daddy together yet and after reading this I am so thankful they haven't being I am sure they would attempt it too many time, lol.

    I wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your blog so much I nominated you for the Leibster Award, check out the details here not this is not another spam comment like the ones before me ;-)