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Monday, July 22, 2013

Funny Being On The Other Side Of A 911 Call

  It was a late autumn  night. I remember I was reading the boys a bedtime story when I heard tumbling into the door. It sounded like my husband, who had been out in the garage cleaning a deer, came in the house and threw a bunch of shoes out of his way. Not thinking much of it, until I heard him call my name, in a weird voice of dread. Jumping up, I ran to the kitchen and saw him holding the top bicep of his arm, him falling over, and then seeing a bit a blood coming out from his fingers. Great.

  Rewind back to the garage. My husband is at the crucial point when preparing a deer to be meat, when you tae the tail off, or something. I am not quiet sure. Honestly, it has taken me 11 years to be comfortable cooking with it. All I do know is that my hubby said every hunter knows what he did. He turned the knife towards himself to pop the tail off, I think , hahaha, and as he told himself not to do it, he did it. Two seconds later, the bone at the base of the tail pops right off, and the knife continues in motion, right into the inside of his bicep. It happened so fast, it was like a stage knife, where the blade just disappears into the handle, except that it didn't. It was like he got in a knife fight with himself. Yep. He shanked himself.

It was his arm. Then the wound, became apparently serious, when it squirted, instead of dripped. Never a good sign.  At first, my brother who was there learning the ropes, says, "You didn't!" At the sight of his beloved brother in law's blood, he turned white, and passed out on the floor! Some help, he was.

  Back to in the house. The hubby, calmly says, "I need help, but I am OK. I need to make it to the bathroom. I stabbed myself." In return, I calmly say back, "You what!!!!???!!!!" The next thing you know, we are in the bathroom, and of course there are no towels anywhere! At the same time, I hear my brother come in, so I yell out, bring a towel when you walk by the clothes! He bring me a shredded wash rag I use to clean the floor. So in my normal fashion, I burst out laughing, "I need a TOWELL!!!" Still white as a ghost, he stumbles back and grabs another one. As my husband s calling out orders, like I need a t-shirt or a blanket. Like a nurse in an ER sitcom, I shout out the same orders, "Blanket, STAT!" My poor brother, returns from the biggest assortment of blankets you have ever seen. (My couch, that day.) I absolutely lost it laughing, when he brings me the most see through, hugest, holiest afghan, I own. I mean the hole on it are the size of baseballs! It was apparent to me at least he was going to have to go to the hospital. He for sure needed stiches. How is that gonna keep him warm in the car?!

 It might as well of been a doily.

  Before I knew it, I grabbed a different blanket, was helping him put a shirt on, and into the car. As I sped off, my hubby started thinking, what if I pass out? I am feeling  a little dizzy. If I hit an artery, I could die on the way to the hospital. "L, you better call 911. Tell them I have a legion., bla, bla, bla,. Just drive to the station and we will meet the guys there. " I was already on it. The dispatcher clucked out a normal greeting, which I interrupted, sorry to whoever that was!! I tried to be calm, but all in one breathe I said, "My husband has a legion on his arm... Then, I quickly gave up on the technical jargon, and said, he stabbed himself in the arm, and he might have hit an artery! We are on the way to the hospital and  but now he is passing out. I am worried about the time, and now we are on the way to the fire station!" This poor lady asked me some very frustrating questions like, what is my address, and how he did it. In my head I was not very nice and ashamed to say was like, Listen B, stop asking me dumb questions,  just send out the call!! Because of course we are listening to the radio too. I felt so bad for getting angry, but then she said,
"Can I ask you to turn around and go home?"
Are you kidding me??!! There is no way I am turning around. #1 we are almost there. #2 My house was a mess. #3 My brother was throwing up when I left him, #4 My kids are probably duck taping him and throwing him in the closet by now! #5 By no means, did I need 8 FFs up in there! Instead I said, "Um, no. We are almost to the station now!" In the back ground he moans out, tell her it's Sergeant 12. Obeying, I told her, It s for Sergeant 12. Not kidding, one second later, the tones were dropped, we pulled into the parking lot, and there was someone flying in right behind me to help.

  It was pretty awesome. Of course I was concerned, but as soon as Chief and about 15 firefighters. including all the newbies my hubby was teaching, the hunter man was chuckling, though still white as rice. The Chief even wet with him in his personal emergency vehicle. My man was no way getting in an ambulance, for some weird reason. That is a perk I never thought of having! I should have thought of that on the way to the hospital while going into labor, with the baby. Maybe I wouldn't have been sent home and had to go back!

  Being a part of a brotherhood is something I love about being in the fire life. Thankfully this time, my 911 call was only something laughable, and only required ten stitches to fix. Have you ever had a funny emergency in your home?

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