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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Donna's Day: A Chance To Help Kids With Cancer

  Today's topic is a little different from my normal posts. If you have been following me for a while you might remember a sweet little girl who touched my heart, and changed my life forever. Donna. Though sadly, I will never get to meet her. That sweet innocent girl, only a baby really, whom I think of often. Sometimes she will creep into my thoughts as I put my own little ones to sleep. As I sneak another look at their sleeping faces, her story and Donna's Mama wiggle right in. Reminding me to drink in the moments we have... You just never know who you could be helping by learning and sharing this information.

  Too many children are lost to cancer. More adults get cancer, therefore children's cancer is one of the less funded types of cancer research. For example, from the National Cancer Institute, out of the money funded to researching cancer, only 4% is dedicated to children's. This subject deserves the utmost tenderness and respect, so I will try to be careful.  I know it is uncomfortable to think about, but I beg you to read on. Cancer is such an ugly thing already, we especially don't like to look at it attached to children.  I didn't even like writing it as the title. Kids and cancer. Yuck. A parent losing their child. Double Yuck. Double. Triple infinity suck. You can read why children's cancer research funds are so very underfunded here. If you are more the video type, here is an amazing one explaining why there is a need for funding.

  My point is not to make you sad, or give you one more thing to worry about. Of all people, you know I am against spreading worry and fear. At the same time, I am completely for and believe we depend on truth. We  have a responsibility to share any vital knowledge we may learn. No. Today is not for sadness. It is Donna's Day. Today is a day for choosing hope. Donna's story and her Mama continue to teach me things, about myself, about my loved ones, and even strangers with her bravery to share such an intimate story. If you would like to read her story at Huffington post you can find it here.  This short video of pictures of Donna and a radio interview from her parents, shows how very important their message is. Her story has touched countless hearts, but that can only do so much. We have to take action.

  Here is why:

    *More US children will die from cancer than any other disease, or many other diseases combined:
    *Before the age of 20, 1 in 300 boys, not mine, and 1 in 333 girls will be diagnosed with camcer
    *Worldwide, child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes:
    *The cure rate for the most common form of pediatric cancer, ALL leukemia, is as high s 90%, but MOST other childhood cancers do not have that success rate, e.g., brain tumors have  50/50 cure rate, and    some like DIPG, are known to be fatal with NO KNOWN TREATMENT OR CURE;
    *73% of kids who survue their cancer will have chronic health problems as a result of their treatment and
      42% will suffer sever or life threatening conditions like secondary cancers.
Those stats and more can be found here at St. Baldrick's website.

  Now, we have all been there. In line at a grocery store, fast food place, or even when we see pink ribbons plastered on car bumpers, we get suckered into giving money to charities, particularly ones for cancer, without second guessing what those funds actually go to. It makes us feel like we are helping in some small way. Right? True. We just have no idea how very small it could be. Now hear me out, I am all for helping. But, what is most important to me, is that the money I give actually goes to cancer curing research. When I found out how LITTLE the percentage was from some places, I was absolutely shocked. Some are as little as 5%!!!

  One of the many things I have learned from Donna's Good Things, (a foundation started by her parents to give dance scholarships in her name, plus so much more), is how awesome St. Baldrick's is. Their Foundation is a volunteer- driven charity that funds more in childhood cancer research and grants than anyone besides the US government.  How they use it is even better. I like donating to where I know it is making the type of difference I can stand behind. Here are some stats that can be found here about why donating to St. Baldrick's is worth your while. As they say, "All childhood cancer research, all the time."

How Can I Help? 

  Join Donna's Good Things on  Donna's Day! TODAY is a very special day dedicated to raising funds for Donna's Good Things head shaving event, March 30th in Chicago! It is a super awesome benefit, with people of all ages and backgrounds, shaving off their hair to help raise funds for St. Baldrick's. This year, the oldest shavee, so far, is 89 years old and is coming with her daughter, a returning shavee. Isn't that awesome! Way to go!

  It is their second year holding this event, and I would really love to support them in any way we can. Here is the LINK to Donna's Good Things SHAVING TEAM if you feel it in your heart to give. Just click on the GREEN button. Even if it is only 5 or 10 dollars, those are the donations that can really add up. If we can share this and really get the word out, imagine how much we could help them raise! Last year's goal was $20K, and they blew it out if the water with $79K!!! Amazing what one little girl's story can inspire people to rally behind.

  Let's do all we can, share this everywhere. We can send virtual hugs with what counts, our prayers, and our pockets. I encourage you, like never before, to give, even if it is only one dollar, 3, 5, or 7! Every little bit helps and shows you care.
  As big as I wish this blog was, we are only a few. Our circle is only so big. The only way to expand it is with YOU,  my friends. Normally, I don't grovel, BUT, with cherries on top, could you please, from the bottom of my heart, float on down to the share button, just under this post, and click on it. Click it and invite your friends to give a few bucks to kids who need cures. Sharing means caring. Who remembers that saying?!

  As usual, you guys rock. Thank you in advance for all you do for this community. Love all you hotties out there.  PS SHARE!!

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