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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Local Fire Fighter Plays Strongman In the New Oz Movie

  My super sexy, fire fighter husband and I met in high school, and started dating while we were both in acting in a play. He was an amazing. Even then he was the quiet guy, that came to life on stage, wowing all the girls, then being way too mysterious and cool to be into them. Ya. One of those James Dean types...Anyway, I have a huge thing for the theater, acting, plays, and anything to do with the stage. Since I was a child, I have felt like I belonged there. And I know he belongs there... Hmmm. Not sure how I missed being a famous actress, but who says I won't be, one day? That is why I love hearing stories like this!

 When Livingston Parent Journal shared this with me I was so excited! Gotta love getting the inside scoop on a press release! Here is an inspiring story about a local Michigan fire fighter from Lansing, Tim Holmes, turned into hot new Hollywood actor! He stars in Michigan born, director Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful. I am a super huge fan of Sam Raimi's movie's, especially the cult classic Evil Dead (hilarious for one liners- one of my favs for sure!), so I'm excited to see it! Then, of course, I also adore The Wizard of Oz type movies. I haven't read the books, but I remember the crazy 80's sequel, (loved it) and I am interested in the back story.  EEEE! I am so stinking excited!!! Sounds like a good Sunday afternoon date to me.

  Now, that I know there is a fire fighter, from Michigan to top it off, I am even more pumped. Plus, I am sort of in love with James Franco, since the show Freaks and Geeks came on. I sort of relate... Have you seen the show Freaks and Geeks? If not, you must, so many awesome actors that became well known. I hope the same for Tim Holmes, who I found out, also starred in Real Steal! Loved that too.

  Now, back to the much anticipated Oz the Great and Powerful. Tim Holmes sent in an audition that he made himself, of an on scene short film. If I met Tim Holmes in person, I think I would like him. All firefighters must have similar personalities, because I can just see mine doing something similar here. The Livingston Parent Journal interviewed Tim, and said, "When he uploaded it to his agency, they only agreed to submit this unconventional audition piece after much convincing. (from Tim)  However, when Sam Raimi, the Michigan-born director, saw the piece, he requested letters from past productions Tim Holmes had worked on. they sent in on a Monday morning and Tim Holmes got the part that afternoon."

  Oz the Great and Powerful opened this weekend, on March 8th. Let's go show our love of firefighters and sexy geeks everywhere! Popcorn and my hubby's arm sound like the perfect way to spend this afternoon. Follow the yellow... hose to the nearest theater and get you some Oz love too! Check out the whole interview Livingston Parent Journal with Tim Holmes here. They talk about how he researched the lives of actually carnival strong men, and what it took to shape his body up for the strongman role. Then there is also a Q and A about his parents, how they were a positive influence in his life, and how he felt about the movie. If you have questions for Tim Holmes, I think you can even join in the conversation there, so make sure you check it out! Tell them I sent you!

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