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Saturday, October 4, 2014

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Funny People Can Hurt the Most: Robin Williams Possible Suicide Will Shed Light on Firefighter Suicide and Depression

Yesterday the shocking news of Robin Williams' possible suicide has struck a cord with people suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, like firefighters. It was a shock to some that the comic genius Williams was a sadly tortured soul.  Often the funniest people are the ones with the deepest wounds. Much like many sad endings they can change the way the world sees things, like he already has so many times. Once again he can shine light an another stigma, the one that surrounds reaching out for help.

I hate even saying reaching out for help. It hurts too much to even think about reaching sometimes. Your body doesn't want to move out of the spot you are in. It literally hurts to think of moving your arm to another person, it is more like sharing your human-ness. You're unique scars and wounds so we can heal them up together. The way we were designed to. I feel we weren't designed to heal on our own.

Felt Like He Was Family 

Like any child of the 80's I grew up hearing him call, "Gooooooood mooorning Vietnam!" and jamming to music in that movie. I knew every single word to Aladdin. I cried at Mrs. Doubtfire. He saved my from Captain Hook as Peter Panning. He was like my Dad too. Like him, I turned many of my enemies into friends with laughter. Including myself. I wish he could have kept doing the same.

Pictures showing favorite roles flooded social media. I was able to keep it together. I distracted  myself from the thoughts I knew would try and stab my heart with worry. I am married to a firefighter. I feel we have both suffer from depression. I have/had postpartum. My husband is a firefighter, an officer, and was on the fire investigation team. He has seen a lot. Though he says he is fine. Suicide is #2, next to heart related deaths at #1 for firefighters.  Both are totally preventable.

What happened???

What makes a person click from being fine, to shocking the world with one day not being there. Leaving everyone asking, "What happened? He seemed so happy." Did you have these thoughts too?

 As the day went on, I wanted to make sure that doesn't happen. What are the signs? I know how our lives seem from the outside. I also know how hard we fight in this world to stay sane, if you know what I mean. No one knows what we are going through. Because we hold it together really well. Because, of course, like any couple, we fall apart really well together when we need to. We have been one of the lucky ones, we just keep holding on, while the right weapons to stand strong on have found us. Each time making us stronger once we come out of the issue at hand. It is what happens while you are going through those unavoidable issues of life that brings that concerns me. Does it you? Here is a hot line that is free and confidential from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255.

You see Robin Williams touched millions of lives since he was real in his comedy. We could look in his eyes and see sadness, joy, struggle, love.  Most thought he was just a really good actor. The character trait that I admired most of all was his self acceptance. I guess he really was a good actor.

I tried to stop thinking about it because we are also actors, my hubby and I. Creators. Artists to our core. Why are artists so tortured? Our dream is to be someone like Robin Williams. This amazing artist who was able to help the world, to radically change it for the better, by having the courage the audacity to be who God created him to be. Like Tim Allen. Even Tim Burton.
Perfectly imperfect, and using it to help others.

I hope to help you keep doing that Robin, if this was indeed your last act.

My husband put it perfectly when he cried out, "Who has hope if he couldn't figure it out?"
I guess that is the big lie of life, that people actually figure it out. That everyone else is doing well, while you struggle. The big reality is that we all struggle, hurt, and cry. There should be zero stigma around our faults, and especially our want to grow, change, and get better.

My hubby actually didn't believe me when I told him. He went right to where all accurate information comes from, Google. I prayed he would find that it was one of those celebrity rumors you hear about, like when I was 12, Zach from Saved By the Bell died and I found out it was fake. I prayed it was the same. Instead he found this from our President.

President Barack Obama

"Robin Williams was an airman a doctor, a genie, a nanny, president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien- but ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave us immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most."

Tears shot out of my eyes sideways at the Peter Pan part. That is my favorite roll. Next to When Dreams May Come.

My friends at Firefighter Behavioral Health, who fight to prevent suicide agree.

Yesterday they said,

"There was a guest on CNN who said of Robin Williams, that he could ring laughter to millions but never could he find laughter or peace in his own life. This seems very similar to FF's and EMT's. We provide help to people we don't even know during a crisis in their lives, yet when we are suffering we find it difficult to ask for help. Overcome what our culture dictates and reach out brothers and sisters. If you are struggling with issues in your life extend your hand for help."

"With the death of RW by suicide, it solidifies FBHA's mission to provide awareness and prevention.Our focus is on firefighters and EMS but it doesn't stop there. If you know of someone suffering, there is help.This is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-27-8255. #RobinWilliams."

YOU are loved. You are worthy. You deserve to be happy. 

Happy Thought

Right now I want each of you to think of a happy thought. Shut your face and just do it. Think of one thing that will keep you going no matter what. A moment. A promise. A gift. A dream. A kiss. A child. A spouse. A sibling. A parent. A friend. Your why. Can't think of anyone? Perhaps this is your chance to share your human-ness. Your unique story. Your crazy little life might just be what someone else will connect with, giving them the courage to keep going. 

When you are feeling low, surround yourself with that happy thought.  Just like Williams taught us to. I pray that we can all find that Happy Thought.


What is your happy thought? Please write them in the comments below. As always the best discussions happen after the posts, in the comments, or on my Holy Fire Cake Girl Facebook page. Be sure to share this now on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and all your other little pages. You never know who's picture perfect life is cracking away under the surface and needs help.

Once again here is the free and totally confidential number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255.

Robin, may your light spread and dissolve any stigma around reaching out to prevent suicide in the strongest around us, like firefighters, military, and our loved ones who carry the weight of life.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Getting Ready For the Flame Fest Firefighter Couple's Ball

This will be the second official year will be having their annual firefighter couple's convention Flame and this Holy Fire Cake Girl is exploding with anticipation! Wooo #Flamefest14 Here I come baby! I am so excited I might just do a flying firefighter slash ninja kick flip right now. Last year's was as awesome as the crème brule I had,

and this year is bound to be 100 times better. PLUS, I found THE perfect dress to do it all in.

I can barely sleep thinking of all the things I have to make, clean, organize, let alone all the things that await. Last year was AMAZING! Lori and the crew at have really out done themselves with this weekend's agenda. With the amazing line up of speakers and sponsors, like Money Saving Mom, Marriage experts the DiLorenzo, The, Behavior Health Consultants,  E3consultants, and of course the ever insightful and inspiring Lori and Dan Mercer, this is sure not only to be a huge party, but life changing as well. Plus, I will have the insiders perspective right here for you! Stay tuned to my Face Book and Instagram to stay up to the minute on all the excitement. Raffles. Amazing food. Music. Laughter. Tears. Grab Bags! You know how I love to create! Well, chasing another long time dream,  I started making ceramic fairy doors at Backlund's Backlands. (LOVE the name right?!)

Inspired by all the love I have fore firefighting, I am making thee awesome fairy doors I have designed out of ceramic firefighter helmet shields to put in the grab bags! Grab bags aren't the half of the value either. SO much I can't even convey. They are even having a touch a truck event!!  Seriously, I need some advice on that! Like do I need snacks, a pee bucket or what?? ;)

I am beyond humbled and honored to be a tiny part of this amazing group of women. I get to blog a bit, help write books, and just be a part of an amazingly special group of women that bless me every day just knowing them. AND I actually get to hug them in real life in 5 days!!! You have no idea how I neeeeed that hug! We have been through so much together in the fire service this past year, even if only connected online. The hope of the crew and I at and in the exclusive Sisterhood, want nothing more than #Flamefest14 to strengthen and secure firefighter marriages all over the nation.

On the 4th of July I had the opportunity to make a last minute wedding cake. See!? Not too bad!

I almost didn't do it, but it gave me the extra cash to go SHOPPING! Thank God for sales. I wish they gave firefighter discounts too! LOL

What so you think of the three dresses!? Which would you have picked?

If you are a fan on my FB page you'll know what I did pick. Otherwise you'll have to see!

I'm super pumped to get some time alone with my firefighter.  He is so on the go, I am not sure if we would take the time to take a just us vacation this year. Thank God for they are doing this just for us!!This will be so much better than the awkward Christmas dinner I'm used to. Maybe he will wear his class A's. Mmmm!

I think he is going to LOVE them. I'm going to pair them up with a pin up hair do I think.
Since I have my dress picked out now I could call my bestie hair dresser for an at home cut. Aren't I lucky!?

Here is a sneak peak.

Bwhaha Oh baby!

What are you doing to get ready for the firefighter couples convention called Flamefest?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Controversial Cut Chapter From How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything

Uncut just for you. This is a chapter of the ebook for firing up your marriage right here. This chapter was just too spicy, too hot, too much for the book. What do you think? Was it too much? It nearly broke my heart when we took it out. See for yourself if it lines up or if it would have scared people away. Want the whole version? Get it here at How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reignite Your Love's Fire along with all of our Firefighter Wife Academies.

27 day chapter3.jpg

My “Modern Woman” Twisted Jaded View of Sex and Marriage

Women have so many roles now a days, we have many hats to wear. Granted, they are super cute hats, but my collection is getting a bit ridiculous. What I saw growing up on TV, the media, movies, in school, from my coworkers, that women organize their roles them into separate little files that can not touch each other. There is the wife file. The mommy file. The friend file. The daughter file. The sexy file. The tired me file. The crabby me file. The work me file. The athlete file. I’m not sure why we were taught that these thing can’t touch, or we will just fall apart, or be gross, or not as accepted. For example, when I had my first baby, I had an extremely hard time with breastfeeding. Cracking up as I write this, I can not think of a better example to use, so I have to. My poor tired first time mommy brain, could not figure out who my boobs were for! It totally creeped me out that something I was using to feed my baby, was also meant to turn my husband on, and myself on for that matter. That it made me feel dirty or odd. When in fact, this is what God designed it to be?! I have no idea why I felt this way. My mother taught me it was natural to be a Mom. Though everywhere I looked, the world told me different. In fact, out of all the working Moms I knew, most decided not to breastfeed at all, and if they did, they only did it for a few weeks and through a bottle.

Sex was something we just did not talk about growing up. We had maybe two or three talks. But that was fine with me. It was embarrassing. We were lucky enough to have been raised on books like, “Hey God Are You There? It’s Me Margaret”, “Look Who’s Talking 1 and 2” and “Dirty Dancing.” Oh and some cartoon that explained puberty, sex, pregnancy, and labor, all on one convenient place that we got to watched each year in school. Also, I grew up in a city where “the creepy guy behind the counter staring at you” was also the creep selling pornos behind the counter. My Mom taught us “never go into those stores alone.” Pretty much when I was growing up, I raised myself to think that guys were untrustworthy of my deepest parts.They weren’t capable of my trust. That everyone was out to rape you, even possibly your husband, your cousin or your best friend. That we should use them before they used us. Really they should be like pawns.That sex was something we could use like a power. To award or to punish. It is so weird, because I have no idea where I got this from. My parents had the best relationship, too. They are examples of a happy, terrific marriage. Yet for some reason, I had built myself up behind walls of distrust so tall it took 10 years to tear them down and nearly my best friend, my husband. Who knows? Media? Coworkers? Bad experiences?  

What God Designed it to be:

There is only one hat. If we can embrace that we are all of these things, then we can flourish into the creatures we were designed with the hope to be. It is natural to be all of these things. Let’s start accepting our sexy selves. After all, we were saved as God’s final touch to his ultimate perfect masterpiece.

Think about the gravity of this concept. He created the WHOLE Universe, was created for our pleasure. He saved us for last. Surely God wouldn't create something as gorgeous and infinitely beautiful as the stars, the moon, the galaxies, the mountains, and the oceans, if the very last thing he’d put in it would be the best part. What He meant to live in it, to use it, to spoil in it, wouldn't be even more precious, and even more beautiful that the universe itself?? THAT IS YOU! That is me! We are the children of a king! The Prince and Princesses of the universe! It is like His love note to us. A never ending love song, a forever sunset and sunrise, spouting his undying love and pleasure for us. AND guess what?! He also created, He chose someone JUST for you. Before you were in your mother’s womb, he already had a plan for the both of you. Don’t you think He could even make them in a physical way that is also JUST for you? To turn you on, in a way that God could create. An Agape kind of Love. In only a way that this special person, called spouse, could show you. Take a deep breath and meditate for a moment on just how amazing that is.

27 daps pales to your beauty w ffw logo.jpg
Ladies: Hear me. God loves you. He sees you how you really are. Love your body where you are at because it will change over and over and over throughout your life. There are guys, cultures out there who worship the bootie, the curves, the ability to not blow away in the wind. God made you. Each and every part of you. Exactly the way he KNEW it would be most beautiful. All you have to do is put on the eyes of God to see how completely gorgeous you are. No matter what size you are. If you are healthy that is what matters. Don't let the weakness, the parts of what I am sure those who probably carry super guilt from, that affects their own lives, measure your beauty. you deserve to feel this way, and that's what God intended. We were His last stroke of his perfect painting. The final touch. As an artist, you save that final touch, for the best, sweetest, amazing part of your masterpiece. He actually made, ALL of the Earth, to make us! His masterpiece. Woman are special. Beautiful. All you have to do is put on those glasses and see yourself as God sees you. How do you see your child, before the world had it's way with them, altering their esteem? Their view of themselves. As mothers, sometimes all we want to do is keep them in our presence. Keep them happy, basking in our unconditional love. Our safe love. Because we see them as they truly are. Beautiful. Love on yourself ladies, because that is all God wants to to do. If you could see yourself as He does, oh the things we could do! The battles we could win! But the enemy distracts us with lies!

So I made a huge leap of Faith to embrace what God created me to be. All of it. It was OK to be sexy and a Mom. This was the catalyst of healing my marriage. Healing myself. I had to understand that it was OK and in fact what I was meant to do it! To be ALL of the things that we are designed to be. Being comfortable in our own skin. To love our spouses in front of your children.

As my marriage became more solid, I was much more apt to try new things. Also, I was willing to try that growing trust, telling my husband how I really feel without feeling like he will laugh at me, or reject me. There is always a risk, but that he might be the secret to keeping it exciting. The ability to share something even more fun and riskier next time. Without trusting each other enough your love life will never reach it’s full capacity.  More than anything I wanted a FULL love life.

27 days love not war ffw logo.jpg

A Secret Weapon God Gave Us- Use It Wisely

Sex is power. Like the ultimate secret weapon. One that God gave us as a women. It can create life. But not just in the baby making way. But in the healing, giving life to the hurting and without hope . IE Our husbands. :)

We can use it as a punishment or as a life give, just like our words we can starve our husbands or feed them so they grow into the man they were meant. Just as in the same way, as if they loved us, we would grow into the rose we were meant to.

God meant for the intimacy between a wife and husband to be Earth Shattering. Not dreaded like folding laundry, or growing moldy cheese. (I know that is the look I have given mine a few times when asked out of nowhere if I wanted to sneak away for a quickie. HOW AWFUL for him!) Looking back I feel so bad. Thankfully we are at the point we can laugh at it too.

The Soul’s Language

It is like the are literally in another language God Gave us to speak to our spouses with. I like to think of it like a separate channel for truly solidifying our bond, another foreign language that there is no deciphering, only engaging in, like they are talking with their soul. It is like taking off your layers of protection, and that is why we all have such hard times. We are taught constantly to build walls. Making agape love is like the place where our soul can come alive, entwining, free falling, rising, opening, and melding. It can be like a gentle breeze through your hair, past your neck , or it can be the gust that crashes waves down upon you till you are lost in its sea. One secret language, like a gateway to places you’ve never seen before. Intimacy is like the lubrication that the contents slide around on, lava, I suppose, funny such a fiery thing can move mountains. It allows us to put aside our difference, to heal with raw emotion.

I like to think that during sex, that our souls have God vision.  As if they can see our true selves, untrapped, unchained, free, gorgeous strong and sexy.  That is because your souls just had a great old time working out all their kinks. They can see each other clearly again. When we meet and marry our spouses, we can't get enough of them. It seems like you could do it 10 times a day, and it isn't enough! It is just like in Something About Mary, men and women think alike right after sex. Well, maybe it is not that we think alike, but that we are so full of love at that moment, so happy, that you are willing to be open, you trust more at that moment, you know more at that moment you won't be teased,, because of how vulnerable you are. There is sort of an unsaid understanding that right after you do it, all is well in the universe. “Whew, glad we got that out! I feel so much better now!” How many of us have said that? Like you have had this huge epiphany of a conversation with each other.

Then, somewhere along the way, for whatever reason or the season, all relationships can hit a lull. Stress, parenting, family pressures, finances, and life in general, can suck the wind out from your sails, often leaving the bedroom department last on the list. Now add, the extra stress that come with this fire life, and you have a recipe for potential disaster.  

Disaster. That doesn't really describe what I had gotten myself into.  Here’s the other half of my story.

The Lonely Rejected Empty Barrel

Imagine we all are a barrel. A treasure chest. A challis. A Holy Grail. Love tanks. Buckets. All of our spouse’s barrels are filled to different spots. Some are half full or nearly empty. Some have cobwebs in them. Some have been stuffed with magazines, videos, the web, clubs, or chatting. Either way, if his barrel is buried in a hole, six feet deep in the back yard, you have a lot of digging and filling to do. That’s what I had done with my husband’s barrel. In order to save my marriage I was going to have to find it first, dig it out, then fill that lonely, sad, empty, punished, rejected barrel.


I hope you guys are still here! I just felt like I had to share this uncut, highly controversial version here, exclusively for you.
To hear exactly how I did it, you are going to have to get the full scoop at the link here How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything. 
In this eBook I share the whole story, all the ugly and all the sexy. Full of personal experiences, tried and true trick, and a 27 day guide to gently get you from Zero to Hero in your man's eyes too. Are you ready to get out of that slump like I was? Jump on the 27 Day to Changing your firefighter marriage too.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Released Today! How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reigniting Your Love's Fire

Today is finally here to get your copy of How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reigniting Your Love's Fire.

Someone pinch me.

I am very honored to share my story in The Fire Wife Academy of how I went from dreading night time, avoiding the advance from my hot firefighter, to having 27 Days of healing amazing sex with my husband. Sounds like a blast? Well, it wasn't at first... but with the 27 Days Challenge that is laid out in the new eBook is designed to reignite those choking embers into a fiery inferno of pleasure and a stronger marriage.

Here is a blurb from a post  from

"In How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reigniting Your Love’s Fire, I share my very personal story and explain exactly how I put the flames back into our marriage. Get ready to fire it up yours too, with the lessons I learned in the my story, personal relationship secrets, and my romance tips. Follow this unconventional challenge I used to save my marriage with sex. I hope 27 Days make you laugh, inspires, and gives you the confidence to reignite your marriage too! Simply follow along to rekindle your intimacy with your man. Don’t be caught wishing you had."

Hear what Lori Mercer, head chief and owner at, says about this new bold book:

"Today is always a good day to reignite those love fires.  And on this day (Friday April 11th) ((((TODAYYYY!! EEEE! That's me saying that. ;) ))) you have 2 good ways to do so.

 #1 It’s the LAST DAY to get access to all 6 Dating Divas Marriage Makeover Conference Speakers for ONLY $37 – Click here to register

#2 It’s the day we release our newest eBook “How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything:  Reigniting the Love Fires”

 "46 (single spaced!) pages where this fire wife spills out her story with raw emotion, passion and a witty style that just keeps you turning pages."


"PS – if you are a Fire Wife Sisterhood member you always get 50% off Academy programs and if you register for the Divas Conference above, you get this ebook and a second one for only $7!!!"

"Do you think this is a book just about sex? We don't want to shock you like that. It's about being in a pit in your marriage and doing everything in your power to dig out and bring the love back. It's about commitment and honesty and falling back in love with your self and your husband."

"Available at this link:"

and she boosts:

"Have you ever had sex with your husband 27 days in a row? That's not as easy and exciting as it sounds, especially if you've been in a slump. But sometimes it's exactly what we need.

This Friday you can read the whole personal account by... Holy Fire, Cake Girl as she has bared her soul for the benefit of helping others through that season.

Lyn shares:
"Between my husband going through firefighter academy, starting our own business, and having a new baby it was easy for the days to have turned into a week. Then when I found myself hiding in the bathroom until I was sure he was asleep, I knew I needed a major 180 in the intimacy category. "


Are you ready to champion up? Fire it up today.  Get started on your 27 Days Challenge now.

Thank you all again for all of your support it I pretty crazy to feel like you are outing your self out there for all the world to see. My prayer is that it help couples all over, not even just in the fire service. Marriage is a dying breed anywhere. Most agree in the fire service it is about 75%. If you like what you see, like and share this with your friends. You never know who it might reach. Then follow me on FaceBook at HolyFireCakeGirl or where I live (LOL) at

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Announcing! How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: New EBook

I'm Spilling it All in How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything 

Spring is finally in the air where I live Holy crap that was the longest freaking winter I have ever lived through. My pipes are huge from shoveling. Sweet right? LOL

This winter I have also especially been living a hermit's life writing this seriously awesome eBook. Sort of the opposite of my normal running around fire fighter wife life.  I have missed everyone and I am super pumped to stick my neck out there, in more ways than one, into the spring light. This REALLY IS the perfect time to have a book release about the power of sex.

I am cracking up as I write this.

Not that this is a laughing matter, but in TWO days I am gong to be revealing more of myself to the world than I ever have. AND you guys know I share a lot here. When I get nervous I giggle. Like bad. Needless to say everything is making me giggle Don't you dare go on FB land and try to get me to laugh either, I can't take it!! My head is going to explode!!

So my lovely, lovely hotties you, I am REALLY going to need your support here. I swear I have been quiet for good reason. Hotties, don't fail me now!! ;)

If you have ever liked, shared, commented, or followed anything I have written, all of that work has lead to this crazy moment.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for standing by me.

There were times when I felt like no one was listening except my Mom. And then I wondered if she even was. LOL. I know that 350 some odd FB fans may not seem like a ton to anyone. But I would rather have each and every one of you, then 300,00 fake ones. (Even if only 4% of you get my stuff Thank you FB and your fabulous rules. :) )
With out all of your words of encouragement, and pushing me to write and share more, there I no way I would have written this.

Here come the goods.

How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reigniting Your Love's Fire is a book where I bare my heart and soul, sharing my story.
I was depressed. Post partum. My hubby had just joined the fire department and was going through Fire Academy. Which meant a full time hours for that. We had just started an asphalt company after the failing car industry ate our finances. And our lunches. I had just had my second baby. We lost our house. Moved in next to family. We had no money. My hair was even falling out. I felt ugly. Alone. Exhausted. I joke here in this post that it was "The worst year of my life". Although it just wasn't funny at the time.
On top of that he was a super crabby mess from lack of sleep, high stress, no time at home, loads of work to do everywhere he went, and the pressure of passing classes tests.
I was also a crabby wreck.
I was spent.
The last thing I wanted to do was give it up.
Can I get an Amen to that if you have ever felt this way??
I was desperate for something to change for fear of losing him.

Since then I have seen huge things happen in my marriage, and the least I can say here, s that we are both much, MUCH happier.

If you desire and pray for a deep change in the intimacy in your marriage, this book might JUST be what sparks that fire back in you and your spouse.
This book is among a series of eBook written for called
The Fire Wife Academy. See the sweet things she says about the book being released here. <3

 If you remember I had the huge honor of helping with the first one The End Of Worry Fear and Sleepless Nights. It has helped so many of my sister become stronger, I was super pumped to share my 27 Days Challenge to fire up love lives. My number one mission is to help strengthen fire marriages out there, and putting myself out on a limb (and Faith) seems like a total logical way to do just that. Who better to ask than a firefighter wife right?
I hope you feel that fire too!

How 27 Days will be available April 11th through Fire Fighter Wife.

So share with your friends everywhere who might be in slumps too. Who doesn't need some fire in their bedroom right?
Again, THANK YOU for being you!
I adore you!
AS always I'll be at my HFCG's Face Book page and in the Fire FIghter Wife Page. Though I usually hang out in the secret one you have to be a member of so we can get real. :) Give a shout out ether way and tell me what you think!