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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Getting Ready For the Flame Fest Firefighter Couple's Ball

This will be the second official year will be having their annual firefighter couple's convention Flame and this Holy Fire Cake Girl is exploding with anticipation! Wooo #Flamefest14 Here I come baby! I am so excited I might just do a flying firefighter slash ninja kick flip right now. Last year's was as awesome as the crème brule I had,

and this year is bound to be 100 times better. PLUS, I found THE perfect dress to do it all in.

I can barely sleep thinking of all the things I have to make, clean, organize, let alone all the things that await. Last year was AMAZING! Lori and the crew at have really out done themselves with this weekend's agenda. With the amazing line up of speakers and sponsors, like Money Saving Mom, Marriage experts the DiLorenzo, The, Behavior Health Consultants,  E3consultants, and of course the ever insightful and inspiring Lori and Dan Mercer, this is sure not only to be a huge party, but life changing as well. Plus, I will have the insiders perspective right here for you! Stay tuned to my Face Book and Instagram to stay up to the minute on all the excitement. Raffles. Amazing food. Music. Laughter. Tears. Grab Bags! You know how I love to create! Well, chasing another long time dream,  I started making ceramic fairy doors at Backlund's Backlands. (LOVE the name right?!)

Inspired by all the love I have fore firefighting, I am making thee awesome fairy doors I have designed out of ceramic firefighter helmet shields to put in the grab bags! Grab bags aren't the half of the value either. SO much I can't even convey. They are even having a touch a truck event!!  Seriously, I need some advice on that! Like do I need snacks, a pee bucket or what?? ;)

I am beyond humbled and honored to be a tiny part of this amazing group of women. I get to blog a bit, help write books, and just be a part of an amazingly special group of women that bless me every day just knowing them. AND I actually get to hug them in real life in 5 days!!! You have no idea how I neeeeed that hug! We have been through so much together in the fire service this past year, even if only connected online. The hope of the crew and I at and in the exclusive Sisterhood, want nothing more than #Flamefest14 to strengthen and secure firefighter marriages all over the nation.

On the 4th of July I had the opportunity to make a last minute wedding cake. See!? Not too bad!

I almost didn't do it, but it gave me the extra cash to go SHOPPING! Thank God for sales. I wish they gave firefighter discounts too! LOL

What so you think of the three dresses!? Which would you have picked?

If you are a fan on my FB page you'll know what I did pick. Otherwise you'll have to see!

I'm super pumped to get some time alone with my firefighter.  He is so on the go, I am not sure if we would take the time to take a just us vacation this year. Thank God for they are doing this just for us!!This will be so much better than the awkward Christmas dinner I'm used to. Maybe he will wear his class A's. Mmmm!

I think he is going to LOVE them. I'm going to pair them up with a pin up hair do I think.
Since I have my dress picked out now I could call my bestie hair dresser for an at home cut. Aren't I lucky!?

Here is a sneak peak.

Bwhaha Oh baby!

What are you doing to get ready for the firefighter couples convention called Flamefest?

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