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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Please Help Save a Dad, a Friend, A Hero

   We a have always been blessed for our struggles to mainly be financial. Despite my extreme allergies, asthma, and eczema, and my fear of having children that would need to live in the torture of the bubble as I call it, I pushed that fear down and had them anyways. Thankfully, they are all so very healthy. I may need n inhaler in my pocket where ever I go, but I am thankful we have never had to deal with anything serious.

  A few years ago, one of my dear friends, someone who has served and served and served, started to fight. His wife I had become very close with, who also has a heart to serve others. Seriously people, they are the most giving, kind, and caring people I have ever met. Now, now, they need help. As it sometimes is with servers, we are not accustom to be the ones needing help. The same way, it is extremely humbling to ask for it. Won't you please watch their video and consider giving even a few bucks. It is all the 5's and tens that can add up to help for this family.

  This fight has come a very difficult time for them. Only about a year after her first daughter was born, Kara's Papa, her hero, was sadly dying from cancer. While she was spending the last week of his life with him, her other hero was secretly going to his own Doctor appointments. After only a week after losing her father, Jud had to tell her while she was gone that he had now been diagnosed with cancer. With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Life often throws you blessings in times of sadness .. A week later, they were so blessed to welcome their second baby girl into the world. But now, they had 2 babies to live for.

  After spending all of their savings over 200,000 on alternative treatments, now they have to go for Chemo. This is so costly. Over $8,000 per treatment... They have exhausted there savings, and he is still trying to carry on as normal for his two young daughters. I don't ask often for help, but this is extremely close to my heart. I am believing for a full recovery no matter what any Dr. says. Whether it is prayers or a donation, please help this family. Take your coffee money for one day and help 2 little girls, and a Momma, cling to hope. Hope. And Love. I love you Kara and Jud. You have meant so much to my family. You are there for others at a drop of a hat. I have seen you go above and beyond, over and over, for people you hardly know. You are true.You have always been inspiring, someone we have looked up to. Now it is time for us to help you.

  If you feel led to give just click here on the BLUE GIVE button.

  All of you reading this, please, please, hit the share button. That is the easiest thing to do to help! You never know who you know that can help. Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart. xoxoxox


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    1. Melissa, THANK YOU so much for letting me know!! I fixed the link. You can just hit the Blue GIVE button on their page, , and it will take you to their pay pal. Thank you so very much!!

  2. That works. So sad. Wish I was able to do more.

    1. This is great help! thank you so much! PS I thought I replied to this awhile ago, but I was deleting a spam message and saw it wasn't here! <3

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