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Friday, April 11, 2014

Released Today! How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reigniting Your Love's Fire

Today is finally here to get your copy of How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reigniting Your Love's Fire.

Someone pinch me.

I am very honored to share my story in The Fire Wife Academy of how I went from dreading night time, avoiding the advance from my hot firefighter, to having 27 Days of healing amazing sex with my husband. Sounds like a blast? Well, it wasn't at first... but with the 27 Days Challenge that is laid out in the new eBook is designed to reignite those choking embers into a fiery inferno of pleasure and a stronger marriage.

Here is a blurb from a post  from

"In How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything: Reigniting Your Love’s Fire, I share my very personal story and explain exactly how I put the flames back into our marriage. Get ready to fire it up yours too, with the lessons I learned in the my story, personal relationship secrets, and my romance tips. Follow this unconventional challenge I used to save my marriage with sex. I hope 27 Days make you laugh, inspires, and gives you the confidence to reignite your marriage too! Simply follow along to rekindle your intimacy with your man. Don’t be caught wishing you had."

Hear what Lori Mercer, head chief and owner at, says about this new bold book:

"Today is always a good day to reignite those love fires.  And on this day (Friday April 11th) ((((TODAYYYY!! EEEE! That's me saying that. ;) ))) you have 2 good ways to do so.

 #1 It’s the LAST DAY to get access to all 6 Dating Divas Marriage Makeover Conference Speakers for ONLY $37 – Click here to register

#2 It’s the day we release our newest eBook “How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything:  Reigniting the Love Fires”

 "46 (single spaced!) pages where this fire wife spills out her story with raw emotion, passion and a witty style that just keeps you turning pages."


"PS – if you are a Fire Wife Sisterhood member you always get 50% off Academy programs and if you register for the Divas Conference above, you get this ebook and a second one for only $7!!!"

"Do you think this is a book just about sex? We don't want to shock you like that. It's about being in a pit in your marriage and doing everything in your power to dig out and bring the love back. It's about commitment and honesty and falling back in love with your self and your husband."

"Available at this link:"

and she boosts:

"Have you ever had sex with your husband 27 days in a row? That's not as easy and exciting as it sounds, especially if you've been in a slump. But sometimes it's exactly what we need.

This Friday you can read the whole personal account by... Holy Fire, Cake Girl as she has bared her soul for the benefit of helping others through that season.

Lyn shares:
"Between my husband going through firefighter academy, starting our own business, and having a new baby it was easy for the days to have turned into a week. Then when I found myself hiding in the bathroom until I was sure he was asleep, I knew I needed a major 180 in the intimacy category. "


Are you ready to champion up? Fire it up today.  Get started on your 27 Days Challenge now.

Thank you all again for all of your support it I pretty crazy to feel like you are outing your self out there for all the world to see. My prayer is that it help couples all over, not even just in the fire service. Marriage is a dying breed anywhere. Most agree in the fire service it is about 75%. If you like what you see, like and share this with your friends. You never know who it might reach. Then follow me on FaceBook at HolyFireCakeGirl or where I live (LOL) at

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