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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mom Says Thanks to Fire Fighters on Behalf of Daughter Lost to Cancer

   September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  As a fire fighter wife, I know that, though I hate to admit it, sometimes what gets me through days when I wanna strangle my family, is thinking of situations when they may not be here anymore. Now, you know how I feel about spreading fear, worry, and doubt. If you don't, please read here before you go on. With this life style, supporting a fire fighter, you really have to be careful what you focus on, or you will drive yourself crazy. (On a side note, if you can not shake your worry, I share what I do about that in this post.) So I think to myself, how would I feel about this fight if something bad happened, which it won't, to my hubby tomorrow? Or what if that was my child in that accident he is fleeing to?
  Well, the following story is one I hate even thinking about. In fact, for a year now I have been avoiding reading this whole story every time I see my dear friend post it on Facebook, well, like the plague. I had read just enough to know I didn't want to be sad at that time in my life to read anymore.  Not wanting to add any reality to my otherwise selfish thought to make me forget how I am frustrated at the time. I say selfishly, now, only because that is how I am feeling after reading Donna's story. The things this poor girl and her family had to go through is heart breaking, and I feel selfish for avoiding the ugliness of it all. Now, I know, our situations are different than most wives out there. That I truly believe we need to avoid inundating our lives with negative sad stories, since we will already know more than the average. We need to be strong for our spouses and not be full of fear, because it immobilizes us. Once in a while,  I think we all need to get some empathy for humanity in us, and all around us. The type that we can use for good, as in Donna's Good Things, that we should humble ourselves to share in another's pain. So we can see other people around us as they are.

This is beautiful Donna. Feel Free to save and share her picture and story. Her Mom gave her fans permission to the other day.

  The fact that Donna's Mom can even think to thank the Fire Fighters and Service Men that were there to cheer her up humbles me so. There are times when I  get aggravated when he has to leave, like after I spent all day on dinner, or if he had to leave from a special birthday party or something. It is stories like these that make me zip my lips and say a prayer, instead of getting resentful. It may be inconvenient for us, but someone may be fighting for their life at the time. I wanted to personally thank Shelia Quirke for having the courage, love, strength, and just pure heart, it takes to share her story. Donna is a precious girl and it breaks my heart to think you don't have her to hold. My three boys will get many extra squeezes because of her. Though we have never met, and probably never will, you have changed our lives forever. What is awesome, is that I bet there are many, many of us out there that can say the same.  I am sure Donna looks down on you often and beams proudly, telling God and all the angels, all about your family.

  Here is the link to today's entry into Donna's Story. Sheila's blog entries are featured in the Huffington Post this month. Each day they post a new entry. She has created a special chaity called Donna's Good Things, in the name and memory of Donna. Who by the way, was named for her grandmother Donna, who sadly also passed away from a brain tumor.  I highly recommend, when and if you are emotionally stable, to read the whole thing. When I am at the brink of throwing in the towel mentally, this has made me stronger. It is yet another reminder,  at 3 am, while I am sleep exhausted and mental, to soak the moment in. That this time passes by so fast. Remember that this all some people get with their children. sadder even are the ones who never got this much. Who would give anything for one minute of this. To drink it all in. Thick and full. To stare at those long eyelashes. Linger in each hug a second longer. Answer why, one hundred more times. To breathe in that baby smell. To pull my husband closer. Feel him breathe. Hear his heart beat under my ear. To slow down and savor more moments. To make love as often as I can muster it. Scratch my boys' backs as they fall asleep. Even, yes, read two stories, and maybe even three.

  For now, love to all, and thank you for reading! Also, a special thanks to all our men helping others! This post from Sheila shows you how much what you do, means to other people. Though you may not get to hear all of it, they are thankful. During all of the politics and high school drama, (that we all know can come with a department and building leaders) that when you come together it makes all the difference. In this brotherhood and sisterhood bound by fire, we forge together, to persevere on, even if no one sees it. Even if it is only by one of us supporters, making a heroes' dinner.  Or standing strong at an airport for a family who needs to lean on your strength. Harder still, if that means there is a side when you come home and lose it. Again and again. Don't despair. Your wives are so very proud of you.

All my love-

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