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Friday, October 19, 2012

Woo Hoo! Guest Blog on

    Being a parent to three youngins,  makes me wonder how my parents ever did it. What my poor Mom must have gone through with us! It definitively makes me love her even more!

Thanks Mom For All Those Annoying Sayings

It isn't actually his curl  on his forehead but...
  When I was young, I must have been a stubborn little girl. "Once there was a little girl. Who had a little curl." You know that old nursery rhyme. "When she was good, she was awfully good. But when she was bad....", the rhyme ending in my mother attacking my sides with tickles. "She was awfully bad!" squealed my Mom. A genius, she probably reverted to this, instead of yelling at me for emptying my newly put away clothes drawers for the hundredth time. Sorry Mom!! Bless her heart, she would say all kinds of  sayings, to teach us really big lessons in life. Not fully understanding the big words, my thought process would get stuck on the meaning of one. For example, I would focus on what the words together, awfully good, meant. How can you be awful and good? The moral of the lesson completely flying over my head! My beautiful mother was trying to teach us to not build walls, block love or help.

  In fact, she said so many of these little rhymes I thought I already had a pretty good entry about these Mom-isms, in an older post here.  Yet love finds a way, sometimes in the very unexpected ones.

I peed! 

  When I was asked to guest blog at, I nearly peed my pants. Yes, I know I just had a baby you smarty, but that has nothing to do with it! I swear!

 Just over two years ago my husband became an OJT officer at his department. He asked me to come to one of their first meetings, when the new recruits would bring their families in to ask questions they might have. He wanted a wife there to share some of the reality of it. The new approach when training, would be to first make sure the family is on board and on the same page. Afterwards, I was overwhelmed with an urge to help these familes out. To warn them about what was in store.  To give them tools, and a shield to help. The way no one really did with us. Their were only a couple places that I could I could turn to. One was  I bet you can imagine how excited I am then, to guest blog there. They were such a huge help back then. (Thank you Val!)

 My Why 
  If you haven't already, you must go over to their Facebook page and join their private group. Lori at, has done an amazing job bringing ladies from all over the world in a  private group. Trust me, you have to join! There is such a comfort in knowing that others are going through, sometimes in a super weird way, through the exact same thing you are! There are just somethings that can not be said, that are too funny, or too important not to say.

 I Felt Alone
See, since we began our journey, I have felt firefighter wives needed something like military wives. My hubby also grew up on some twenty odd bases through out the world. Hearing stories from his Mom about how all the wives would get together, or to plain be there for each other, really left me hurting. I tried to get the wives together at our department, but it seemed everyone was just too busy. There was just nothing there for us but to sit at home and worry. Maybe it is because our town is so small, or if it because of all the politics, but the wives just do not get together except once a year for Christmas dinner. I talk to a few now, but only one that I am close to. At the same time, she is still very married to my husband's boss. So, ya have to be careful. I love her, but you never know when something will tip a boat over. Even if unintentional.
Despite that, what IS wonderful about fire life, even if you aren't close, they will be there if something goes wrong. All the same, we need so much more than that, don't we?

  For now, this is my "wife" thing to do. My "Love" finding it's way.  Amazingly, Lori has the same vision I do. To help fire families all over the world.

Soon she will be checking out making local lady chapters of support.

Peaceful, isn't it? Smoke on the water... Just for you to enjoy,. A little eye candy. 
What do you think? Who would you be interested? Do you feel a need for a fire wife face to face group?

Don't forget to check out tomorrow for my guest blog!!!
Love to you all!! Lyn, aka CG, aka CakeGirl, aka My Name Is Not Mom


  1. Woohoo! Awesome, can't wait.

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  3. Thanks Trina!! <3 I am super excited!