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Friday, August 31, 2012

Hot Lips

  Who has time for make up? Right now my idea of make up is eye cream and some sort of lip gloss. In between nursing, making/cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my big guys, and remembering to eat and drink myself, is way too much too think about on it's own.
  Yet, I have this voice in the back of my head that says, girl, you may wanna redo that ponytail. Last time you walked past a mirror, it looked like bees were making a nest back there! Not the good kind either! Or, wow, you need to make yourself drink way more water, your lips are blue! Which is what made me run to check my purse for my lip gloss or chap stick. Then I went back to the mirror to check to see if any landed on my teeth. To my horror, I noticed these huge puffy things under what used to be called my eyes. Now, I either changed into a Chinese person over night, which would be super cool. (They are gorgeous, have fabulous hair, and don't get wrinkles. And it would get my closer to my childhood dream of being a ninja.) Or, again, I need more water in my system, so I can also fight my allergies and eczema. Well, that sent me running back to my purse for my pretty pink tube of eye cream. Which, just so happened to land on my whole face. Oopsy! Oh well!

  Then on FB this morning I see this on my favorite cosmetics page about my lip gloss!
"Light Up your look!
 Blood vessels appear through the surface of our lips, providing color. When healthy, the lips are res and even in color. But if you are sick with a fever, have a cold or allergies, or are cold, the lips' color can change from ruby red all the way to blue? Light Up Lip Gloss from Artistry is the perfect way to keep your lips looking fabulous any time of day."

  I think someone is trying to tell me something. Is that not the funniest thing you have ever heard? Very ironic. maybe someone is in need out there, I thought.

  This is why, instead of relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet I have going on in our house right now, I am blogging about my, now, much hotter lips! Ya know, just in case there are any other mommy's who want to feel a little sizzle too.

  If you want to light up your lips too, I went ahead and put a link in for the lip gloss and eye cream. Some of the many reasons I love this lip gloss are how it feels and tastes- awesome! Plus, it also comes with a light and a mirror. Pretty sweet. Super duper handy for all kids of things! As always, let me know what you think! Thanks for tuning in! Everyone enjoy your long weekend!

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