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Monday, August 27, 2012

Right On Time

   I swear, only in a fire fighter's life would this happen. Only in a fire fighter's life would a guy be on call or away at training for eight weekends before and three after you are due with your third child. Only in this life would I be due with my third son, it being a third boy alone is hilarious by itself. Only in this ironic life would my boys be the exact age apart as my husband and his two older brothers. Plus, only  in this ever twisted, ever circling life would I have a hunch I was pregnant on the same day his Granny died, who's house we still live in.  

  To top the series of weird timing, of all the days of the year, I end up being due the day before my second son's birthday. Which thankfully happened to be on Memorial Day this year. I say thankfully because the ONLY way he would have gotten the weekend I was due, off- IS because it was Memorial Day weekend and there was no training. Oh, it makes me laugh. Want proof God exists? I did not have my baby on my other son's birthday! It all worked out and I went into labor Thursday. We went into the hospital, the first time at 8 pm, then again at 4 am.We had the baby on his very own day!  It was barely Saturday, rounding out 12:30 am. Even better, we were all able to come home for my second son's birthday on Monday. Nothing, not even pain meds,  could stop me from having a small birthday party when we got home for my guy. He was as excited to be a big brother as I was to be a mommy again.

  Timing is everything. The whole pregnancy I was cool as a cucumber on the outside about the timing, determined to rely on God's timing. That he would handle it.  Well, I am so glad he did! I even had a surprise c section and yet it still worked out! Amazing! Also to make it more complicated, if my hubby would have missed his fire training he would have had to go out of state for the class, instead of at our station. So, a million ways, the timing makes me feel like this child is gonna be something. That his timing has weight to it. Yet I feel like, only in my life. It is my story. I am always trying to be like water, to flow.

  Question of the day: Have any of you experienced anything like this before? Signs everywhere? Or just coincidence? What's your verdict?

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