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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's In A Name? A Rose By Any Other Name...

  "What is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Those most famous words from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet seem pretty fitting right now. Or not at all, actually. Any name is not as sweet. To me it is evident no one ever made fun of Juliet Capulet's most perfectly unmake-fun-able name. With a last name that rhymes with spider, I and my siblings knew this torture all too well. Along with having to grow up in the eighties, with the ugly, huge, plastic glasses, awful perms, and unmatched outfits, we were destined to be dorky.  Why this current generation is trying to bring it back is beyond me. It seems like lately, every actress I see in glasses is wearing some hideous flash back from my child hood. Didn't they learn from those mistakes? No one can seriously look at them selves with those on and say, Oh ya, these make me prettier. If you are just trying to make a statement, like you wanna be Buddy Holly or a punk rocker or something, then I get that, but you still can't say they are actually doing anything for you, or bringing out your beauty. If you don't believe me, I can say I told you so in ten years, when you look back at your pictures, just like we look back at ours now. BUT what do I know?

  Anyway, not sure where that came from, but it is funny to me, so I will leave it there. As a family, we are trying to think of a name for my third boy, which I am due with, in less than two weeks. Our first two boys have some pretty cool names, so this one has been sort of a challenge. Everyone is much more opinionated about this name for some reason. I don't know what it is, maybe it is part of the third pregnancy syndrome I talked about here, but it is like they all feel like all bets are off. The funniest part to me, is that the more polite I try to be to them about their opinion, which I never ask for to begin with, the pushier they get with it. For example they may say, Oh ____? What kind of name is that? I really like _____. Isn't that hysterical? I am not even kidding, either. At one event recently, I couldn't believe what a popular topic it was. Usually I am pretty smooth, but there were a few points, when I literally busted out laughing. Thankfully it was to people who love me, have a good sense of humor, and probably just attributed it to my pregnancy hormones.

  I have a feeling that we aren't going to know for sure until I see his face. Has anyone else done that out there? What if my other kids hate it? They are split on the name we had picked out. Did you regret not going with your first idea? or did you regret not picking something in advance because of the pressure? Like, now the waitress is here and you just blurt out the first item you see on the menu because this is the third time she has been back to get your order? I don't want to end up naming him Patty Melt or something delicious like that. Not that I am going to listen to you, I promise to make my own decision, but it would be nice to get a survey going! What do you think? Or better yet, do you have a unique, strong, Irish type, knight type name I haven't thought of yet?

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