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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Splash!!!! Oh NOOOOO!!!!

This is who was in my belly
 when my "water broke."

  That is the noise I hear when ever I think back to my "water breaking". Except it isn't a little splash. The sound was more like someone had thrown a bucket of water against a wall. The horror the, "Oh nooo!", held, coming from my, future firefighter, husband, was absolutely priceless.

  It was with my first pregnancy. We were getting in the car from a late night dinner with business friends. First of all, it was really late. That will be my first excuse. My second, is that it was our first time waiting for a baby to come. My third, is that we are just plain hilarious and silly together.

  My two boys, last year, flying their space ship.
Can't wait to meet my third. 
  The night was really dark and it had just rained. Though we hardly noticed it, as we said good bye to everyone walking back to our cars.  At the time, we owned (his baby) a two door Chevy Cavalier. The red beast also had a sun roof and rain guards on the windows, that he had tinted at work. In the shape of fire I might add. Destined to be a firefighter, right?!  Anyway, we buckled up, started chatting, unrolled the windows and cracked the roof a bit so I could breathe, avoiding the nausea I might get while being a passenger. He started the car and pulled out, I guess sort of fast, from our spot, taking a sharp left. Well, the way the rain had puddled up on the car and the way he turned,  all of that water sitting up there, dumped all over us and the dash of the car, making a huge crashing splash! My hubby curled up, shielding his face, and screamed in pure terror, "Oh noooo!"  I, of course screamed too, but not for the same reason he did. You see, I only got all wet with freezing water. My husband, on the other hand, thought my water broke, or rather had exploded. So, like the flood waters that carried Moses' ark, my water nearly carried  us away too! Plus, to add insult to injury, we were in his baby. Ya know, because being drowned in your wife's water breaking, isn't bad enough.

  When he realized what had not happened, he started laughing hysterically, and began looking desperately for a napkin. He told me he thought the sound was my water breaking, which then of course made me loose it. Probably causing me to pee my pants... Ahh the joys of being pregnant.

  That story is still one of my favorite and funniest that has happened to me during pregnancy. All I have to do is remember that splash, my husband screaming out, and I can't help but laugh out loud. I love having this story in the back of my mind to go to whenever I need a laugh.

  My water actually never broke. I was induced with both previous labors, a week after I was due. This time my hospital will let me go up to two weeks, so maybe I won't have to be induced. Never the less, I heard that hardly any one's water actually breaks. Now my question is, why? Is it because the hospitals induce, trying to protect them selves, after 1 week late? Or does it just not happen? What happened before hospitals? Babies just stayed in there until they grew so big it had to break, resulting in babies or mommies being sick from bad amniotic fluid? Anybody know?

  Did any of your water break? How many people do you know who actually had there water break? Any hilarious stories you would like to share? Let's add some laughter to the mostly awkward end to pregnancies! As always, thanks for reading, and Happy Mother's Day! XOXO


  1. My water broke with my 3rd pregnancy. Baby was due September 30th and water broke on September 13th, 36 hrs before being induced because contractions hadn't started. Resulting in 2 doses of IV penicillin and a rapid labor. Baby arrived at 930 pm on September 14th. Oh how I miss the joys of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, lol.😄

  2. Oh my gosh !! Bahada ha! !, Love it.