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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Third Times A Charm?!

  The clock is winding down, awfully quick now. Only two and a half weeks till I am due. My belly is hard as a rock most of the time, and the contractions are squeezing me like an orange being juiced. I also feel like this little guy growing in there is trying to box his way out of my va jay jay!!! The third times the charm, people keep telling me. Actually, I have never laughed harder, which hurts the rib I popped throwing up last week.

  Officially I am here to warn Moms like me, of the third pregnancy. With your first pregnancies, you probably got tired of people touching your belly out of no where. When you walked by strangers, it was like they were sucked in by your pregnancy glow, forced to smile at you, in turn making you imagine how sweet having your new baby will be. Feeling beautiful, almost magical, feeling all the movements and closeness with your new baby to be.

  Flash forward six years later, to your third pregnancy. At seven months you feel like nine, though you only look four months along. You feel like the baby is so low, he will fall out if you jump, let alone trying to pull the clothes out of the drier. Morning sickness, is really all day sickness, and lasts until, well, I will tell you when it stops. Instead of everyone oohing and awing over you, they hardly notice. In fact, maybe three people have even touched my belly during this past nine months. Despite the fact you have a very active almost five year old to take care of, and an overly sensitive going on sixteen six year old, who still needs you like he is three- you do not get to be tired. The house is a million times harder to keep clean. There is no time for napping. There is also no one asking you if you need help or a break. The piles of things you want to get done before your new bundle arrives, just keeps piling up, waiting for a day when you feel well enough to do them. There is no time for just sitting and enjoying being pregnant. If you can get your head out of the toilet long enough, there are the never ending messes your kids got into while you were otherwise occupied. The feeling of your family changing is lurking behind any emotional commercial you may see. The guilt of not being able to get out of bed, cook a decent meal the whole time, the fact you failed to cram some quality time in, and that you are going to have less attention to give them soon, weighs on you. You know what is coming. Long nights, lots of diapers, and even longer days. You start to wonder to yourself, what was I thinking and how am I going to get through this again? Which, of course, you feel guilty even thinking that in the first place. Oh to be a woman... so fun. At least we know we are emotional, right?

  You see, last time, I basically did it on my own. In this previous post called, The Worst year of My Life, you can read all about it. Though by the title, I am sure you can understand, I wouldn't want to relive that year, nor have another very stress filled first year raising a baby. In other words, I would really like to keep my hair from falling out this time, ya know?

  Don't hear me wrong, we prayed for this baby. We tried hard for this baby. We worked for it! I am just wanting that moment to come when all the pushing, or what if's about how the baby is going to be born, will be over. Moving on to seeing his face, falling in love in an instant, and not caring about how it is all gonna work out. Looking forward to not being able to imagine my life without this little special person. Then the same thing happening for each of my family. To the feeling of loving my husband so very much because of this miracle we created. To be in wonder of how amazing God is to do this whole birth creation thing. How amazing he made our bodies. All we have to do is sit back and let it happen. It is all very overwhelming and amazing.

 Therefore, my advice to ladies looking to have a third baby is... Do IT! Just be prepared to be severely under pampered.  Some good news? You won't gain nearly as much weight, because you never stop moving and food repulses you! Sounds great, huh?!

  Does this post ring true with any of your pregnancies? Am I the only one going through this sort of third pregnancy realization? That everyone treats you like, Oh no big deal, she is just pregnant again. It should be easier since she has been through it before. Or maybe is it because it has been five years since my last one?
Do you have any advice to mommies and fire mommies out there?


  1. And it was even less with #4. Hope you are feeling better. I know how HORRIBLE the 9 month version of morning-noon-night sickness is! The end is in sight!

    1. Trina, that is what my Dr. said too. I told my hubby if we ever got the crazy idea to have a fourth, we would be adopting. Lmbo!!! I felt pretty decent this weeks. I think I am nesting. So great timing for me to m feeling better!

  2. I hear ya! I'm due with #3 in August. And Hubs has been on a massive overtime kick at the dept. Oh yah, I have a 3 yo, and 8 month old too.... I can soooooo sympathize! Hang in there!

  3. Amber, thanks for the empathy!!! :) And for commenting! What were we thinking?! Lol! You don't have very much time left either. Are you excited yet? I finally am starting to be. Very curious to see who he will look like. So far each boy looks like one of us. Maybe he will have red hair like my hubby. He has awesome hair.

    1. I am excited. I wasn't at first because of the whole back to back baby thing - kinda stressful, but now I am. We will have 3 girls, so my boo ( who grew up in a family of all boys) is getting a crash course in tutus, tea parties, and nail polish. I'm kinda curious who will look like who. Both of mine look more like me, than him - but very much like each other except my oldest has green eyes and wavy hair (med brown), and #2 has blue eyes and very curly hair (light brown - i think). So the big question has been \what color eyes will we get next!