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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Get the Hose! It's a Baby Shower!

   Only four weeks to go! Last weekend I had my baby "sprinkle". Basicly a small shower, for our third baby boy. This being our third, and me hardly being able to enjoy this pregnancy, I really needed a celebration. We decided a sprinkle would be perfect!

   Of course we had cake. Come on... you didn't think I'd skip out on myself did you? Cake Girl needs a cake! For all of the fire ladies out there, you are going to love this cake design! I totally didn't plan on it being a fire related cake at all, but what can I say? I couldn't help it. The shower was held at our fire station, and it called to me. I suppose that is what is great about being the customer and the boss!

  You see, I found, what I thought would be an easy theme for the party on Pinterest, a cute rubber duck in a glass on cotton balls. Little did I know it would inspire me to do a pretty detailed baby butt and feet cake!!


  Come check out the whole story on my cake blog at Cake Girl Creates Frosted Fantasies. Be the first to follow me there! I would love it! Next follow my boards on Pinterest! That place is so addicting! I love finding inspirations and recipes there! Who else?

 The fire hall was such a great place to have the party. Look at my little cuties, all excited to be big brothers!

This one cracks me up! Oh MOM!
Here is a sneak peak at the cake,

now go be a fan! Thanks fire family!

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