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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2001 We Will Never Forget

  When my husband wanted to become a firefighter, one of the first things that came to my mind was 9-11. Do I really want that sort of risk to become entangled, some how, in our future too? Let's be honest. Of course not. Though it really made me do a gut check. On this day, the tenth year anniversary of that awful horrible day, when so many lost their lives, victims and heroes alike. The ripple was felt world wide. Our nation hasn't been the same since.
  We can all look back to where we were when we heard the news. We were getting married in three weeks, and I was finishing last minute things. I had just dropped my husband off at his work and dropped in next door to get an oil change, before I ran to get the marriage license. On the little TV they had in there, I saw something I thought was in a movie, a plane crashed into a tower. No one seemed to be watching in the oil change place. Actually, it was my day off of work too, so I went home to take a nap. A couple hours later, it was like waking up to a disaster in a movie. Everyone was going crazy. Lines were forming at gas stations and grocery stores around our house. I soon found out the crash that changed our great nation forever.
  One of the first times I really freaked out and got hysterical from worry about my firefighter, was when we were talking about 9-11. He has just been through a class in academy on it. How the elevators and exit strategies didn't work. How the 343 men who'd lost their lives was affecting him. Listening to his words my thoughts trailed off. I remember hearing how firefighters had enough time to write on their helmets good bye notes to loved ones. That is when an image came to my head that I never want to even think about again. But I will, for you... My husband, writing a note, to me and our two young babies. I say this welling up with tears. Though it was my husband's reaction, always the hero, reaching out into that cloud, that save me. He told me that he would not write a note. That he would fight. That he would scratch and fight and find a way out.
  I know that is a promise, that still may not make it all better in an end, that will never happen. That he would fight, made me feel better. To those who lost their loved one, whether it be a father, a fire fighter, policemen, a husband, a friend, we all lost something. A piece of freedom, a piece of security, a piece of us. To many it may be the realization and horror that their are those who want to do America harm. Yes, we aren't perfect but I think we do represent what is good out there in the world. Freedom. Faith. Love. Loyalty. Honor. At least I hope that is what other countries think of us. * Let's strive to be that place, I believe we still are. After all, isn't America supposed to be the ultimate place of melding together? Of putting aside our differences to help each other out?
  Looking back I am glad that as a family we felt it was important for my husbands dream of becoming a firefighter, not to be squashed or ended my my selfishness and doubt, that he wouldn't come home. Thankful that I found out who's I was and what that meant. That we all, (MAN I love that word, all. It is so encompassing. Maybe it is the 2 L's. Say it with my child, allllll. ) That we all have seeds of greatness in us. That we are all Davids facing our Goliath's, our own giants of the world. BUT that if you believe, in something so amazing, and magical, for there is no better word for it in my opinion, of the fact that we can do all, love that word, all things with God, actually Christ more specifically. Which means he is going to be fine. That God is in control. He does protect him because I pray for him to. That when you pray, He is gonna answer in his time. That if something ever did happen, which it won't, He will also give me the strength to get through that too. What is even more exciting is that He will make all things work out in our favor. All folks. All!!! If you can wrap your head around that you should be excited. Well, I guess that is all I gotta say about that. This isn't really the direction I planned on taking today, but it must be for a reason. Love you all. God Bless. We Will Never Forget. Hug your loved one's. For no one wants to get old until the chance to is taken away. Love your wrinkles, (OK, so I lied. ;)  Hugs!

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