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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Scentsy Fundraiser

  Well, I am so excited to announce our first fund rasier on Holy Fire! Cake Girl. Hooray!!!! Happy dance. Giving back is something I fully believe in and with the tenth year anniversary of the day America changed forever, 9-11-2001 I really wanted to do something special. Then I was that one of my favorite fire fighter wife  blogs had an awesome idea. The more the merrier right?

 If you haven't heard of Scentsy, you are about to be excited. Scentsy are a 100%  fire fighter approved candle, well because it isn't a candle at all. It is a warmer that melts cubes of wax, and releases the most wonderful smells into your home. These are especially exciting to me. When I was in eleveth grade, we lost our house in a fire. It was one of the worst things I have been through in my life. Literally it was like going through a thousand deaths. That is at least what it felt like at the time. The cause of the fire could never be guaranteed, but we are pretty sure it was from the candle that was lit in my room. My sister and dad were home. My mom was on her way to pick me up from work. We actaully hd to let the fire trucks pass us. I also remember being mad that no one would let these trucks by. My mom actaully said, "Whoever's house is on fire is going to be gone by the time they get there because of these peolpe!" So it was super awesome when we got closer and closer to our house then realized the horror, that in fact it was ours. It was crazy. Thank God every one was OK, but you can see how I wouldn't want to burn candles in my house. That is the very reason these are so awesome.

  Scentsy just came out with a  couple of new warmers, a Heroes Line, for service in fire or police. We will be working on raising money for a family of a firefighter in need. At first I was going to donate the proceeds to the Widows of 9-11 fund, but I quickly realized that they are currently getting a ton of money, rightly so. Yet there is someone in need right now, much more locally that needs our help of a fallen fire fighter. These very local familes also need our support and aren't as well known as the 9-11 widows. This would be a perfect way to be a blessing to somone else, yet protect our selves against future fires. Let's get the word out. Will you please share this blog entry with your friends and family. Invite them to the on line party through this link or to place an order,  click here to order from Scentsy.  It is a super easy way to spread the love and pay it forward. Plus your house will smell delicious! Feel free to order anything on the site because it will count. Our wonderful rep Amanda has agreed to donate the proceeds from all of their products. Not just the servicemen warmers. Isn't she the best?! So feel free to design or make your own package of smells. Or to pick something that will compliement your cozy home. Please don't forget that Christmas is coming. What a perfect way to help others, protect your loved ones from a house fire, and get your shopping done. You can save on shipping too! Get with your friends and place a big order because there is free shipping on any order over $150. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping a family in need that is missing their hero. Let's pray that it never happens again. God Bless. Love you all!!!

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