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Friday, September 9, 2011

Busted By My Five Year Old

  As a parent who refuses to make my kids shy or embarrassed about any issue, this was one of the first times I have ever been speechless to something my kids have said. I find either being extremely silly, scientific, or just plain uplifting, works most of the time. But this left me dumb founded. For example, when I got asked where babies come from, I took the science approach. That a mom and dad get married, then if they want a baby, the mom has a egg in her belly that comes from God puts in there. (Man I love being able to use such a huge, awe filled, magical and unexplainable, yet completely understood reason to a child, such as God). The daddy also has a seed that he put is there. I know what you are thinking, the child will ask how does that happen? Well I just kept talking and prayed moving on to the next subject would be so amazing he'd forget that curiosity. He was about three at the time, as well. Wide eyed I then explained how magically the seeds mush and squish together. Then something really amazing happens and the egg/ seed mushing starts growing little eyes, tiny fingers, a heart, and tiny ity bitty toes! Guess what, it worked! He was in total wonder and awe. Now he always loves pregnant women. He looks at there protruding bellies with amazement.
  So the other morning I snuck in to steal a snuggle from my anti- morning five year old. Giving him a snuggle usually makes for a happy rise, so as often as I can, I try to wake him up with a kiss. I do the same at night. These moments alone, without his brother poking us in the face, I find out about Liam. Who he is. What he is otherwise too embarrassed to talk about. He is himself. More like he was when he was little. Honest and unafraid to communicate, clear and focused.  On this morning however, he was laughing and asked, with a devilish grin, if we had a party last night. Thinking back to a conversation we had a few days past, when I told him we ate ice cream and had guitar hero parties after they went to sleep. That little magical fairies cleaned the house while we slept and that was why the house was cleaner in the mornings. But no. I wasn't so lucky. Laughing I said, no, we did not have a party. He then cocked his head sideways and asked, "Mom, then what was all that racket last night?" Looking up twirling a piece of my hair in his fingers, he smiled and said in his little chipmunk, sing song voice, " Well.. it sounded like someone was banging a bunch of pots and pans. And exercising." My mouth dropped open. I thought back to yet another story, from my mother of when my little brother caught my parents once, and their reply was, we are exercising. In my head I lost it. Out of my head, my mouth was still hanging open, yet stuck in that huge open mouthed goofy smile of mine. Liam started giggling and said What?! Realizing how unmediated my reaction was from his stand point. I shut my mouth and said, "Yep, you are right, you caught us, we were exercising."

  Oh my goodness! Who else has been busted or caught in the act? What did you do? Where you r children emotionally scared for the rest of your life? Or better yet, did you catch your parents int he act? Did you then have to over come some things later in your life because of it? Do you worry about your kids hearing you? What do you do to overcome it and just throw caution to the wind? Guys, by the way, this question is sooo not for you. We all know you don't care! ;)

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