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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time Saving Crock Pot

  When my hottie hubby was going through fire fighter academy, I really tried hard to have dinner ready when he got home from work, before he left for fire. Realizing it was my job to get him a good meal  before he went, in the fifteen minutes that was open, was mine, drove me nuts at first. Then after a little while, it was sort of cool, fueling my hero with the energy he may need to save a person's life.
   Fire is not the only hot spot he has. His second love, is hunting. Awesome, I know. If you are a hunter's wife you know that you are basically a widow for six months out of the year. Oh they tell you it is only few, rounding down so they don't have to say a number, but it is all of October, September, November, and December.  BUT if you go for the preseason it starts I think in two weeks. (errr!) Winters in Michigan are super uber long and hunting season goes into January something (I should know this) SO it seems like six months that you have to fend for yourself.
  Usually during the winter I am totally a widow, now as you see, for more than just the love of volunteer fire fighting. Some days dinner would be the only time we may get a chance to sit together, so I would be determined to make it a good one. Healthy, warm,  relaxed, and done when he walked in the door. Not as easy as it sounds, right?! Well, I loved my crock pot for that reason. It is so nice for those reasons. It is usually comfort food which you are cooking, which is perfect for fueling your hunky man and growing family.
Crock pots really do all the work for you, you just throw it all in their, turn it on, and walk away. There is very little clean up. Plus, if there are leftovers, you can just pick up the porcelain insert, if it works like mine, pop the glass lid on and put in the fridge. It is hot and ready when he walks in. So easy, right?! Except when you are tired of eating venison roast and veggies, or some version of. Ugh. Sometimes I just get so bored of cooking the same things. I even love cooking and baking. I am sure you know what I mean.
 That is why I am so excited to announce what I found! I was looking on face book today and saw a new page... for crock pots!! Click here Crockpotgirls to go right to their FB page. It is only a couple days old, but it is already at 732,800 fans! Isn't that crazy?! Their website isn't up and running well, yet because of the high traffic, but their face book page is! And man is it!
 There are so many recipes already on there I am inspired to try something new. I even saw a cheesecake recipe in mason jars? I will have to go back and find that one again. Their is also a list of recipes on the left in the discussions area too.
  I hope this helps you get some family time in over the dinner table. Growing up in Detroit, my mom's kitchen was always too small to even fit a table in. She always longed for dinners together over a table. To attest to her ingenuity though, what finally worked best was a wooden door she hinged to the wall that could fold down. That way we could walk through after we were done. By that time we were almost teenagers and those few years went by fast. Therefore enjoy some conversation with your loved ones instead spending all your time cooking it.

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