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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Weekend

  Hello and Happy Good Friday to everyone today! My family is so excited for Easter this year, even more than they were at Christmas. yet being 7 1/2 months pregnant, I am totally ready to skip it. Poor guys! So I pulled my still pukey bootie out of my house, dropped my kiddos off at my sister's, and actually got to shop for their baskets without them! Normally, I would be so stinking excited by this I'd would nearly run out of her house to my car. For Christmas this year, I bought all their major gifts right in front of them. Up until this year it really hasn't mattered because of age, but now I have a six and four year old. I want them to have magic in their lives as long as possible, so I 'd like them to believe as long as they can. Ya, know clap for fairies, go to sleep for Santa, leave cookies out for him and awe in the morning when they are gone. I don't want to ruin it by using the same wrapping paper for Christmas morning gifts and ones that are for my parents, for example.

  Therefor I made myself go. Even though I seriously just thought about parking the car in a parking lot nearby, locking the doors, and taking a nap! Then visions of firefighters finding me all locked up, knocked up, and conked out, deterred my weak moment. My husband would never let me live that one down. No sir! So I put on my big girl pants and gave myself an attitude change. My hubby has the weekend off. Unless, there are some major calls, which hardly happens. At least the kids and him can eat some of this candy together, right? So I put back the Smarties and picked up some Reese's Cups Eggs. (Which is huge because I hardly get peanut butter treats for them since I am majorly allergic.) Then, suddenly, I saw some Silly String! Like a shining beacon in a stormy night! They are going to freak out, considering this is their first cans of Silly String they will play with, I am pretty sure. Next a football called to me that blows bubbles when you throw it. They are totally gonna have a blast! I can't wait!!!

  Does your family hunt for eggs? When I was a kid we decorated the real eggs. That is what my parents hid, plus we had baskets, then we took those eggs to my grandparents to eat at our Polish dinner. Mmmm! Now a days, does anyone hide real eggs. My family started hiding candy in eggs, then we did too for them. Mostly because I am allergic to eating eggs too! If we hid real eggs now, my boys would say, what in the world are we supposed to do with these? Hard boiled eggs?! That is weird. Plus my house would stink so bad if I let them eat all those eggs!

  Tell me, what do you do with decorated eggs? We love decorating them. Would you skip it?

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