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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dinosaur Eggs For Easter

  Well, we survived Easter! Whew! That was close. There wasn't any family drama... no one ended up with a ham upside their head. The eggs were all found. The bunny did come. We made it to two dinners and three egg hunts. Though, we totally missed waking up early for church. In years past that would have been no big deal, since church ended up being an hour of trying to stay awake and counting the hats on little old ladies, I never mided missing. We no longer go to those types of churches and have found one that pretty much rocks. I know it sounds cheesy, but it is sort of a cool place to go, like a small concert with an inspiring message, instead of somewhere you dread going. Anyway, sort of bummed, we decided to prayed together right there, which was pretty cool. Holding hands in a little circle, in our little living room, thanking God for heaven, for Jesus coming back to life, for protecting Daddy, and everyone we know and love.  It was so special, I am almost glad we missed it. Prayer used to be a recited verse we say over and over, never different, not even understanding what most the words meant. I love that our prayers are different each day. I love that Cade prays "for all people to be nice and never turn into robots and never let robots in heaven. Or that Liam prays for all the good things to go in (from our food) and all the bad things go out. Love it!

  After our little hippie church session, the hunt emerged, no longer able to contain itself! If you read the last post, you know I was undecided on eggs. Well, we ended up decorating the coolest eggs you have ever seen! OK, wait for it... golden speckled dinosaur Easter eggs! I found a kit at our Dollar store down the road that had Dino cardboard holders. Perfect, I thought! The kids were sort of obsessed with a golden egg, from Willy Wonka, asking if they were real and such, so I thought it would be fun to put a golden finish on them. A small sponge and some gold paint were all we needed. I knew I had that at home! Of course, they totally freaked over them. These little eggs were the hit of the night.

  If you are wondering if I filled plastic eggs too, yes I did! This is hysterical to me, but I had perfectly good Valentine's day candy, I hid away. I found that, last years empty eggs, and there ya go folks. My kids are non the wiser, and this severely uncomfortable prego did not have to go back to the store! Success!! So glad that I did that, considering how much candy they got from their grandparents.

  Plus the fact my husband was not on call, with no major calls to run on, we had him all to ourselves! The kids got to fly a kite, play football, and just plain hang out with their Dad. It was so awesome, it was shiny, as my four year old would say.


   We even go tot play with a couple of Easter bunnies!! Who doesn't love a soft and floppy eared bunny?

What was your favorite part of Easter this year?

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