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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Ninja

  This morning, I was a super secret ninja spy. Like one of those kick booty ones you see in the movies.
Like Beatrix Kiddo, hair messy, weapon in hand, I snuck in like a cat and out like a snake. Except that I wasn't wearing an all yellow jumpsuit to look like Bruce Lee and there certainly was no flying through the air in a ninja kick. That would look pretty silly with my baby bump.

  Last night I left you thinking about generosity and it's true spirit. Pulling up to a strangers' house, in broad daylight, trying not to be seen, and not look crazy at the same time was sort of scary! So glad my youngest son came with me, because he distracted me from it with all his questions. He was so excited to give this little boy and his dad some gifts he could hardly take it. We were even meeting a friend that has two cute girls at Mickey D's, and when we drove by one to get to their house he started to cry. "Moooom! I sought we were brigging presents to zat yittle boy who wost his seasters and mama, but still has his daddy?" In only the way a four year old could say all that in one breathe. My sweet boy. Again, wear does that love for another come from. That genuine want to help another. When I dropped off my six year old at school he also wanted to make sure we were going to go there. "Mom, where's that box?" Even making sure his absent minded, pregnant mommy didn't forget it. Oh, that sweet love of mine! I am just so proud of them! It is very touching to see the love spread. Like water, flowing, easy moving, yet so powerful it can carve mountains and wear down rocks. Starting here and never ending. Like Bruce Lee says, "Be like water." I think he was really onto something. Go ninjas, go ninjas, go ninjas! Go!!!

  So, feeling and being in a ninja mood, when I found this short video of some ninja skills from firefighters, I couldn't wait to share! It is crazy how fast they move with a ladder flying around! Enjoy!


  1. Good job Christmas Ninja!

  2. Thanks!! We were really the ones blessed by it. So much that we couldn't help but volunteer for another day. With the kiddos on break from school, my oldest boy could come too. It was really great to see them running up to their door, all stealth mode. We talked about what we were gonna do and decided to do a knock and drop. When he went to reach for the door, he cganged hismind, looked at me and said, "You do it, Mom!" I knocked five times and we all turned around and ran! I was hoping to at least make it to the car before they came to the door, but I heard a thank you as we jumped in! We all yelled the best Merry Christmas ever, and sped away. So awesome! The look on my kids faces after was priceless. It will be a time I will never and hope they never forget.