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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pickles for Christmas?

   I guess the old stereotype is true. Pregnant woman DO love pickles. Well, at least this one does. Although that used to be one of the things I couldn't stand people asking me with my first and second pregnancies,"Uh huyck uh huyck.", some stranger would laugh, like an aggravating Disney short. "Are ya cravin' pickles and ice cream, yet? Uh hyuck uck!" Which I would smile softly, tilt my head, and kindly reply, "Oh no, not yet." Pretending that was the first time some genius asked me that question. The only worst question to get for the millionth time was while I worked at an eye doctor's office, where we fixed glasses. They, and "they" were always some older, creepy guy, "Can I get a screw?! Hardy Har Har!" OK, calm down boy wonder. Now, oddly enough, I am eating pickles and no one has asked me if I am! Go figure.

  Actually I am not craving them at all. On the contrary, I really am not craving a thing. My tummy is just, let's say, underwhelmed by the thought of food. Or suddenly decides, about half way into a meal, um, no lady, you do not get to enjoy this either. Leading to my stomach feeling like someone just filled a balloon with so much air, it is going to pop. That is what sends me running for a pickle. They work better than an antacid. Or milk. Or any other tummy medicine. Why? What is this phenomenon I am experiencing? At first I thought, maybe it is neutralizing the acid in my stomach, but no, it sort of is an acid. Then I read, some pregnant ladies crave them because of the salt and needing water. Being dehydrated makes you crave salt? I am not quite  sure about that.  So can they settle your stomach?

  Has anyone else out there heard or have had this happen to them? We wanna hear your odd cravings. Or better yet, what were some of the things you used to cringe over hearing, while you were pregnant?

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