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Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank You Chief Berry

  The past few years, sadly I have seen many of our fire fighters leave our department, due to politics. Each and every one that has left was an inspiration and ingnitor in my husbands heart. Without Officer Dave Thomas, and Phil Wagner, after his first injury he would have given up on that first glint of a dream. With out them, he would not have the second love of his life, fire fighting. Some are still here. Assistant Chief Nick Miller and Fire Marshall Dave Shumaker have took my husband under their wings and loved on him, coached him, and pushed him. I am so thankful for you. Now, again another outstanding fire fighter that has changed and meant the world to my hubby, our leader Chief Berry, is resigning. (I think he should retire, but ask our county officials if you wonder about that. Wake up people. Why are all these great guys leaving our county?! Weird. Oh, also,  if I end up on the missing persons' list... these initials... P.H. ha ha)  After twenty five years of service. His family has touched our lives in more ways than they could ever now. I want to take a special moment to thank him and all of the people that have protected Micah, have taught him how to be safe, how to be an officer by being the example, and to never leave someone behind. I love you and pray for the same happens for you. Protection and  happiness. Thank you so much to all the firefighters who have reached out and helped my husband, through training, calls, and at the station. Dan Knepley, Beth Curry, and Andrew Tiefel, thank you. With out you guys, he wouldn't be here either. This one is for you guys! Go Hamburg Fire Dept! Keep serving and planting those good seeds, and your time will come. It will all work out for your good. I believe God's got it. Thank you Chief Berry for creating this fire family. God speed Sir!! This is dedicated to you. Thank you for all your love, sweat, tears, time away from your family, all the holidays, birthdays, and games you missed, and the soul you have put in this dept. You will be missed and thought of every day! Also a special thank you to Marcy, his wife, I am only beginning to understand the sacrifices you have made. To all the fire fighters wives. They couldn't have helped my husband without you, holding the fort down while they are gone. Fueling their life and your kids with your heart and soul.  Thank you for letting them go, so they could help them. Thank you. Thank you. Lyn B.


  1. Thank you Chief Berry and all the Hamburg Fire Dept. You were there when we needed you, when our house caught fire. Thank you for all your work and sacrifice. The community wouldn't be the same with out you.

  2. I know when we were in our volunteer days there was some ugliness that went down. It was not right and it was disrespectful :( I'm thankful that in recent years as a paid department we have not witnessed this. Thank you Chief Berry for your dedication to your department and continued success at your next!

  3. Thanks Val so much for commenting and your thoughts. It is good to hear that a dept has gone through something similar and some how has made it through for the better. I am hoping that a ripple starts from this one stone thrown. All that the enemy needs to win is enough good men doing nothing. Well, I think some one forgot to tell him... I am no man.