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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Antlers Maltese Cross Thermal for A Hunter Fire Fighter Lover

A Special Breed
Ever feel like, "Isn't it enough that he is a fire fighter? DOes he have to have a whole other time consuming hobby/lifestyle like hunting? Whether you are like me with an avid hunter fire fighter, you join him in the woods, or maybe he only can get out a few times a year, we are a special breed right?

Check out this Thrmal that says it all! I am so super pumped! I made a shirt with an antler an a Maltese cross in our private Sisterhood, and the ladies went crazy! So very special, just for us, we made up this simple, unisex, versatile Thermal Tee. One that shows everyone how you roll!
A perfect gift for you, your firefighter hunter, or favorite family member fan!
Here is the link with all the details on FFW's FB page.
Available for 5 DAYS!!! Thru December 9th!
Order quick! Just in time for delivery for Christmas!

Here is the link directly to order.

I can't wait to cozy up in one! Or next to one! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

We hope you LOVE it a much a we do! Can't wait to get one for me and see my hottie in one!

Happy Hunting
Happy Holidays
<3 Lyn Aka Cake Girl

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