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Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer in March Equals Shake Recipes

  Let's be honest everyone. Who isn't a little freaked out by the 89 degree weather, in mid March none the less, that we have been having? I personally think it is pretty awesome. Also, I am seriously laughing at all the doomsday, global warming, fear spreading and speaking people out there. To each there own, I suppose. Yes, let's be environmentally responsible, which needs to change and vamp up,but I think we are making it way worse than it is. Science changes their views on things so much, which is filterede thrugh whatever angle the book or show is coming from, I just don't waste my energy on those views.  Yes, I hope we can learn not to kill the planet, but panic helps no one. To be honest with you, in my silly little girl mind, I have enough child like faith, to think that maybe God will take care of it. Whether that is true or not, it helps me not to worry. I guess I am just that simple minded. It helps when you have a four year old, and a six year old. Keep it simple.

My boys, living it up.
  Anyway, turning my ship wayyy back onto my point. Warmer weather always gets me craving shakes, smoothies, and fruity iced tea. In a fantasy land, all my kids are playing in the yard, away from the frog pond and any other trouble that requires constant attention at my house. I am lounging in a hammock, drinking a fabulous glass of iced tea, soaking in the rays, and all that jazz. Being that I don't live in a fantasy, that I am trying to keep my firefighter hubby healthy, and that I am trying not to pack on the pregnancy pounds, I am opting for healthier versions.

  One of my secrets to the best smoothies and shakes ever is my blender. One day I splurged and spent a whole forty bucks on a blender. I know, most of you are laughing, but when we had to figure out how to live on nothing, forty clams seems like a big waste on something as trivial as a blender. I normally would have grabbed the cheapest one, and then had to get one every couple years. The blades on most blenders are not very sharp. They do not stand up to ice, hence dulling them quickly. Yet, my Ninja blender has been true to it's claims for a few years now. Not only does it chop ice with no problem, the texture is perfect. Before when I would make them, there was always chunky pieces, making it hard to drink.. With this thing, instead the texture is smooth and soft, just like from a restaurant. Love it! Now, it isn't the big old system that cost $400, but I haven't run into any need for something more hard core. Here is the Ninja blender I have so you can see it.  This Cakegirl highly recommends it.

  Here are some of my favorite, super delicious, healthier versions of my childhood summertime treats. My kids absolutely love the Almond Joy Protein Shake. They must be suckers for chocolate too.  What is great about this recipe is that the whey protein powder used has 26 grams of protein per serving. That is great! Plus tastes super yummy! It keeps them full longer, and their brains focused, which is fabulous for before school.  Plus, the coconut milk adds so many benefits, omegas are just one of my favorites. It is also high in vitamin A, B, and C, potassium, and great for our immune systems. Go google it nad you will find all sorts of info on it.

   Almond Joy Protein Shake- I just throw about two cups of ice, about a half cup of cococnut milk, (or rice or almond milk,  and 2 tbs of coconut oil) about a half cup of almonds,  and some Nutrilite Whey Chocolate Protein Powder, a few pushes on your blender, and ta da!! A delicious, almost feel like you are cheating, kind of breakfast or craving silencer,  that everyone will love.

 Green and Berry Smoothie- I keep a big old bag of frozen organic strawberries or mixed berries in the freezer for this one. It is a really easy way to get your greens. Just throw a couple handfuls of fresh spinach, about a cup and a half of  frozen berries, a half an apple, you can leave the peel on if organic, some coconut milk to get things moving in the blender, and a few dollups of greek plain or vanilla yogurt. Greek yogurt tastes creamier, has lesss sugar, more protein, and probiotics, verses regular yogurt. If you like yours sweeter add some RAW honey. Raw honey, not regular, has many health benefits as well. Here is a great article on the differences in honey.

  Bannana and Strawberry Smoothie- Basicly it is the same recipe as above but I add frozen bannanas to it and switch the spincah for a carrot. Adding frozen fruit instead of ice is so awesome. The results are much smoother. The first time I did this I just threw an old bannana in the freezer. That was a fail. Make sure you peel the sucker before you do!! Trust me it is impossible to get the peel off while it is frozen and if you wait for it to thaw, it is a squishy mess. Cut it in a few pieces and zip it in a baggie to freeze. I never really need the honey because ripe bannanas are so sweet, but I like the benefits I get, being an allegy sufferer. Another trick you can play on your family, is adding a little baby oatmeal to get more grain in their diet. Baby cereal is ground so fine they, and you, will never know. Eating a grain with fruit helps absorb some of the benefits of fruit as well, so I always try and pair them together.

 Do Tell....
   So what are your family's favorite recipes?

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