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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holy Fire Across the World

  This is amazing to me. Just short of ten years ago, my hubby and I started an on line business. Back then, our biggest objection to overcome from prospects, "I am afraid to put my credit card number on line." Today I sit at look at the stats for this actual very new blog, has reached over seas. When I checked this morning, I was shocked! You see, I never imagined reaching people across the world. Definitely I dreamed of helping thousands of women, fire fighter wives or not, but mainly here. You can imagine how honored I feel. I wonder how these writings and my beliefs translate. Am I some weirdo religious quack? Maybe it reads more like a comic. Or inspiring and funny, the way I hope it does?
  Either way I would like to give a "shout out" to all my readers. I am honored that you allow me to share with you and for some reason, keep coming back. You touch my heart just by reading, and pierce it when you comment. ;) Hello to the good ol' US of A, but a special hello to those reading here from Canada, Germany, Philippines, South Africa, Denmark, United Kingdom, the Netherlands,  Hungary,  and Russia.
Isn't that awesome?! I know for most of you, the Internet and how close we really all are, is old news. Yet as a young 30's, I hardly have had any education on computers. All I know is how to face book. I never even emailed before that. I hated my address book. Plus I would rather talk to you, in person. Now a days, I am so thankful for this small link I have to the outside, called the world wide web. Some days it is the only adult talk I have! Thanks again everyone for keeping in touch and staying tuned in! God Bless!@!!!!

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