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Monday, August 8, 2011

Confessions of a Musical Loving Mommy of Two Boys? What's a Lady to Do?

  Looking back at my child hood, I was raised on three types of movies, musicals, one's were Marilyn Monroe bats her eye lashes, doing all of us ladies a disservice, but who cares? She is so pretty. Or Dirty Dancing. Who cares if your ten year old knows how to samba? Where black and white is the most beautiful of colors and where guys run around singing of their doomed love, twirling their ladies in the air. That is one of the reasons I loved to spend the night at my Grams house, growing up. She had every Marilyn Monroe movie. My mother would not have really approved at that young of an age, ya know,  really learning what and how to use that pout. My Grams would plop me down on a pillow, my head would rest on my hands. She'd watch as my mouth dropped open, and giggle to herself, as I watched the dancing.
 Then there were the Warrior movies. Colorful samurai's and ninjas. Immortals slashing swords. Cowboys squinting through dusty winds, claiming their bravery all over that ghost of a town. My dad and I would watch those over and over. My mom and I would watch things like Sweating to the Oldies, baby! Yeah! HA HA! Finally there were all the perverted eighties movies, we all got to watch. Revenge of the Nerds, Crocodile Dundee, Uncle Buck, that sort of thing.  It amazes me back then what qualified as funny. A pair of eighties boobies and some slimy guy picking boogers.  Now Goonies, Indiana Jones... those are better, a sort of warrior funny.
 My two boys share the same love of  drama and the stage. Both of them already want to be on the "Rocking Out" stage, or in a band, an actor in a movie. Although my oldest would be emarrassed to say he would love to be in a romantic comedy. They pretend to be warriors all the time. Constantly I am asking, please chop your brother's head off quietly, or could you slay that dragon away from that TV? Everything in our house is turned into a sword, bow, arrow, or gun. Also, everything is also a test of bravery or challenge.
 On the other hand, they love musicals. Now I am not talking, Veggie Tales, or other kids shows, although that is where it started. No, I am talking, Mama Mia, Jesus Christ Super Star, Gnome and Juliet. Elton John and Abba! So as any mom dreams of what their child might grow up to be like, I envision a modern day Frank Sinatra/ Iron Maiden/ Johnny Cash type wooing all the ladies out there.....

So I will indulge their favorites, just like my parents did too, letting them watch Mama Mia for the hundredth time. I will turn on their favorite rock and roll songs and let them scream. Ya know what? They wouldn't be mine if they didn't love that stuff. So, I may as well sing and scream right along with them. Next time I will try to capture our undbound-ness. Do me a favor, and forgive me of my singing voice. I will probably not be concentrating on that!

What crazy famous dreams do you envision for your kids?

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