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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Warning: Very Bad Language= Emergency Laugh Kit

  I apologize in advance for the very crude language used in this video, but I believe it is utterly necessary in
this situation. There is so much that people are dealing with today, I think  a little lightening up emergency kit, is exactly what the Dr. CakeGirl ordered. So be warned they use the F word, a lot. Though my ears are still in one piece, my sides are not. you will survive the swearing and you will relate if you have kids, or where a kid. Sometimes things happen in life that are very hard to snap out of. When I have a little more time, I am going to talk about my favorite books that have helped me so much. For now, here are a couple of never-fail, crack you up videos.  Enjoy folks. <3


  1. I LOVE Go The F to Sleep! I plan on giving it at all future baby showers so the parents to be know how much fun is in their future :)

  2. It gets me every time! Thanks for sharing that with me!