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Monday, July 18, 2011

Lovely, Poopy, Ring of Fire

  For my first blog entry, I wanted something really good. Amazingly witty, glamorous, and intrigueing. Seeming to jump off the page, resulting in a yearn to be my best friend. Well, in between my four year old pooping, not telling me he was done, poop smears on rolls of tp and the walls, I had to make lunch sometime. So instead, this is what I have to offer. Having to make tuna noodle salad over three times because, first I added too much salt, then I turned my back and he added to much salt. Imade it for a third time and it was still too salty! Now out of mayo and because I had to rinse off the noodles so many times, I used the whole jar, I had to run to the store. Having to perform a miracle, you see I needed to make it back in two hours for so my hubby could go to fire training. The only thing I could do was to make my kids take a nap. A nearly impossible feat. So I decided to feed them a bologna sandwich. While I popped some cheddar chunks into the rinsed concoction, threw that in the oven, let them sleep in my bed and play with their hair while I sing. Now, understand neither of my boys, Liam is five and Cade is four, haven't taken a nap in at least a year. Thankfully, by the Grace of God, it actually worked. So you see how this was, indeed, a flipping miracle. It is also a miracle that I took the macaroni and cheese out of the oven, as I told my hubby I'd be right back. Yes, smarty, I did burn it while I tried to take a short cut and broil it so the cheese would brown. Ugh, I usually burn whatever I do that to. Not to self: again, there are no short cuts.

  I got home just  in time to make my husband a chocolate breakfast drink. I know awesome dinner, right? Then, kiss him as he ran out the door. Three years ago, this would have ruined my day, not seeing him for more than five seconds. Now I am thinking, hurry and go, so I can get on the computer. Ha! Also, on top of being a firefighter, he owns an asphalt company. So he is always making calls, or running in and out for bids. During the day I don't miss him because I am used to us both having 9 to 5's, aka jobs. At night when he is not here, it is more challenging. Although I do get a ton of my to-do list checked off after the kids are in bed.
  Though today's blog may not be all the Shakespearean, famed writing I dreamed it might be, it is mine. A slice of what two hours in the life a a firefighters wife looks like. Nothing bad happened. No one bled. No one died. I didn't have a breakdown. Though there was plenty to breakdown over. It actually went pretty awesome. Plus, I, this lady, got to leave the house, without the kids, to the grocery store! Best day ever!!
  Gotta love those small victories. So let's here it. What is your favorite thing to do while your husband is gone? Watch a movie you never get to? Which one? Stay up late and cuddle with your kids? What small victories do you find glorious? A clean house? Your kids hugging you goodnight? Taking a hot shower by yourself?! Tell me darling. What's the word? Tell me what's a happenin'?


  1. When I get a husband I'll let you know. And as a single mom, if I haven't wanted to scream in the bathroom or send my kid to bed for the night before lunch, then I consider it a victory.

  2. Most of the time, I feel like a single mom. Lmbo. Just when I get used to that he is home for a few days and messes up my flow. Haa! Most days I shock myself how loud I can yell or much I sound like a broken record. Thankfully, the more I read, the more normal and hopeful I feel. I think that my kids are going to turn out awesome... Despite what a crazy life and mom they have. Right?!