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Sunday, May 17, 2015

What This Firefighter Wife Does with Clay To Help Kids Blows My Mind!

Using Clay To Help Families


It is heart wrenching when children miss parents, but especially when they are gone long or often while serving their communities, like firefighters, police, or military. That's why when you see what one inspired and passionate firefighter wife does with some clay, love, and some creative genius to ease the pain of some kids, you will be beyond happy you did.

 With a little imagination,  pixie dust, and firefighter inspired fairy doors, she is connecting children with their parents all over. Fly on over to Backlund's Backlands and see all the magic happening. you might want to bring a tissue! A few doors definitely might make you tear up!

 Yes, that is me, smarty pants. Anyone else totally sick of titles like blow your mind bla bla la?! LOL. Me too. Gotcha! But for real only about the annoying title part. If you love children and ending world hunger and world peace you better hurry up and go there and like the Backlund's Backlands FaceBook Page, before terrible things happen, like the fire fairies blow something up again. ;)

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